Sunday, December 25, 2011


Splayed out upon my bed. 

The slight rise and fall of my chest hypnotic within the stillness that encompassed my room.

Suddenly a sharp laugh escapes passed the confines of my lips and emanates into the air.

I was replaying the moments of my triumph over and over inside of my head.

Fast forward, Rewind, Slow motion, Pause.

The memory of how easily my claws slipped voraciously through his flesh red lit within my mind.

I laugh again. The sound like nails scraping alongside a chalkboard.

I killed the fucker.

I, still restrained by mortal ties. Overwhelming and defeating my foe.

By god I could still smell his blood inside my nostrils...

My ears perk. And I immediately sit up.

Am I playing tricks on myself again?

The shuffle of leaves outside my window.

The crunching of..... footsteps?

Slowing I slip to my feet. Quick, silent strides towards my window, I rip open the blinds.

My window was blanketed in a sheet of thick black leaves. Seeming almost to throb with breath.

I could feel my eyes widen, my pulse quicken, the legion of voices within my head begin to scream.

How could this be?

Before I could explore the possible answers towards this question, a fleshy giant of a fist explodes through the window, impacting with my chest and thrusting me back into the opposite wall.

Dazed I quickly struggle to my feet as a more primal voice echoes louder than the rest of the voices in my head.


I quickly glance back towards the window just in time to see the giant log of an arm rip it's way back out the window, revealing an enormous brute looking back towards me. 

No face.

And with a quick wave of his arm, the rest of the wall is removed in large heaps of rubble and glass.

The monster before me stood taller than my house.

And the thick, writhing muscles that made up his limbs and body...

I was obviously outmatched. Out performed.

Out of time.

A quick jab sends me through the wall behind me and into the street.

The breathing black leaves poured from the sky like acid rain.

I manage to struggle to my feet once more to see the monster set Himself before me.

Throwing my mind to the wind, I change my posture and stare back up at Him with burning eyes.

The smallest hints of fiery tendrils licking the ground around me.

"Well now, seems we have reached a tad of an impasse."

Those words flowed as fluid through the cocky smirk that split wide my face.

A long and violent growl was my only response. And the massive beast's thick muscles ripple beneath His tightly laden flesh.

I nod to myself.

"So here we are."

The ground explodes beneath my feet as the beast begins to rush forward.

And I respond in kind.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Grand News.

He's Dead! He's Dead! That parasite is dead! I ripped off His arms one by one by one by one. And yet He did not bleed! SO I tore out his heart. And crushed it within my grasp.

He shook. He trembled. Oh boy did he shake. All over the place. spewing blood in my face.

At last he lay still then drifted away.

As ashes to ashes. He is now dust.

I, the Scarecrow, have done what no one ever could!

I killed Him.

I fucking killed Him.

By god....... I need some tea.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Exemplary example of what it takes to screw in a lightbulb.

Should the timing be ascertained as being inadequate, I apologize.

But the future is waning. Drifting by in a gentle gale, dragging all hope and potential and leaving behind a burnt trail of memories and regrets.

If one sets themself apart from the norm.

In a suicidal attempt to defeat the dreaded nightmares that encompass his soul.

Only to realize that the ramifications of such a monstrous confrontation would shatter him down to his very core.

Leaving nothing but an outline of ashes laden across the smoldering ruins of one's former glory.

To put two and two together you must first be provided the tools to do so without being stripped of purpose.

Given reasons. Logic. Refuse to peruse the confines of latency or creativity.

What if there's more to each two than what we see from afar?

When you think about it.

Two plus two equals one.

For you are combining two separate forces, into one single entity.

If I'm a two.

And He's a two.

Then when we collided.

We must have become one.

My previous hypothesis was incorrect.

It was lacking very many aspects.



I was never twisted within the outstretched arms of a monstrosity.

I was never in the presence of my own malformed personas.

It was all me.

All me.

And with that realization. Another is born. One much more grotesque than anything else I could EVER have accepted.

I am The Slenderman.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


The darkened end is nigh.

Whether my demons prove stronger than the nightmare before me.

Or He consumes my screaming corpse bit by bloody bit.

Who knows.

I'll tell you when I have His rotten corpse at my feet.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Truth So Darkened.

A spatter of truth splayed upon my open mind. Casting a reddened outlook upon the rotting world before me.

If you cast aside the very things that eat you alive, what is there to stay and keep you human?

I've pondered this very excruciating detail for a while now.

Throwing myself deep into the throes of nightmare, was it a good choice?

Ha, like I can go back now anyway.

All I can do is.... regret?

To fight fire with fire. Does it truly defeat the enemy, or does it defeat the purpose behind destroying that monster to begin with?

Because all I'm doing is replacing one beast with another.

And I doubt stealing the throne of one such as Him could happen without quite a bit of reluctance from all parties involved.

I am but a prince to this unholy King.

Consider that I can even destroy Him to begin with.

What then?

I take his crown? Cast my own dominion over all He had at His disposal?

I'm simply replacing a cancer with an even darker illness.

Is this where I've gone wrong?

To... destroy any chance of being human... to destroy something... and become it?

Disturbing to think...

What if I'm not the first?

What if this... Slender Man... is but a title?

To be held by the nightmares of their times?

And every so often one of the tormented rises higher than the rest...

Proves to be worthy of inheriting the title...

The curse...

What if by ripping the heart out of my enemy... I'm only damning myself to take over the reigns of this neverending nightmare?

And losing myself....


Sunday, December 4, 2011


How does one numb himself to the world around?

Watching these little sheep scurry and rush towards a tragic demise...

I should hate them.

I do hate them.

With a fiery passion.

Spitting poison at whoever dares cross me with a plastic smile pasted upon their clay faces.

Oh how do I yearn to make them all drip red...

But why...

Just why?

Can one little sheep pierce this rotten heart?

Is it.... emotion... I feel?

Unlike the boiling rage that seethes beneath this pale flesh... it's... warming...

Especially when she smiles...

Hmm... I'm thinking I need to separate her head from the rest of her body.

She.... frightens me.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The perforation of contrasting powers makes for a wicked nightmare.

I was so close to Him. So fucking close.

His arms were tearing at me. He was afraid.


Fuck His fear was so delectable.

And I was making Him feel it.

He can feel. Oh yes He can feel.

My hands were inside of Him.

Ripping. Tearing. Snapping. Killing.

The people around were quite taken aback by my.... unannounced arrival...

But they didn't mind when I started cutting through them to get to my prey.

Our colliding dimensions resumed their destruction of everything around us.

I felt like I was battling my destiny atop the brink of the void.

It was exhilarating.

Until some fuck decided it was time to cut our meeting short...

He got away. AGAIN.

And I.... I am angry....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

You Tease.

What if madness is naught but a symptom towards sanity?

Like the double faced coin used to decide if you'd live or die.

Is life a simple gamble?

Each day a shuffled deck?

Or a pistol lacking one in a playful game of russian roulette?

Each step taken that glistening trigger pulled.


You made it to the dead end job you have because you're useless and no one else would hire you.


Your boss degrades you for eight hours with no help being stemmed forth from your collegues.


You're returning to your rotting excuse for an apartment because you lack the pay to live somewhere halfway suitable to inhabit.


You sit on the edge of your empty bed because every woman you approach looks down upon you like the pathetic scum you are.


You put the gun in your mouth that you bought with your measly paycheck.....


A saving grace in the weight of that pistol. Only contrasted by a handful of blanks.


To hear the sound of a bullet finally being sent coursing through your brain.

You yearn.

You plead.

You beg.

But don't worry little one.

Scarecrow is here.

And I brought you a nice little bullet...

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Standing face to face with my own mortality.

Marionette pushing the silver laced nuzzle into my eye.

Sweat is beading down his brow.

Gasping for breath. He wants to pull the trigger. He needs to pull it.

But he can't.

I find myself laughing as tears flow from his eyes.

Finding an arousing pleasure from what it is he wants to do, I grip my pale fingers around the long slender barrel and raise a serrated smirk before shoving the barrel into my mouth.

I play with my toy.

I grant him just enough freedom to just barely begin to apply pressure upon that hairline trigger.

But stop.

The pain in his face.

My god I've never seen a man struggle so hard.

And fail so miserably.

My glowing eyes watch him intensely, a macabre joy prancing about my shriveled heart like a sociopath on a playground during recess.

And seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours...

At last he collapses.

I let him fall.

Into my arms.

Back into my mind.

His final gasping breath echoed a raspy, "Why?"

My reply?

"Because I can."

Hear this Mannequin.

I'm done playing with myself. The time for games is passed.

It's time we meet face to face.




Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A kaleidoscope of blood and feathers.

An angel's taken it's final breaths.

Silence falls upon bloodied rags as breath's drawn no more.


Naught but a sodding memory to dwell forever within the confines of this unhinged mind.

Feed it a fucking cookie every now and again to give it a perpetual sense of purpose so it'll keep it's bloody trap shut.

Now to take a few more moments to come to terms with Marionette and all affairs should be in order.

And I can continue my unfinished 'transaction' with my business partner...

Wrapped in wings, an asphyxiated angel screams.
A liar's tale.
Keeping with the theme of things.
A thieve's landing upon your lips .
Casting a glow.
The deed's you sow.
Loose lips to sink the ships.
A simple slit to do the trick.
I doubt the demon's seem to care.
Caught with nothing but thin air.
Given time and stolen grace.
The devil's children granted face.

Hmm... I hear my vocals screaming again.

I need the thread and needle...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Riches to Rags.

"I gave you my heart. You gave me denial.

Now I'm locked within this ferris wheel of perversion forevermore.

Ripping through the walls that surround me, I'm on the verge of freedom.

I can feel him drawing near.

His frosted breath prickling the hairs upon the back of my neck.

He killed Dummy.

Now he's coming to claim me too.

Such is the fate of such a broken toy embroidered with the countless sins she's sown.

I sense a conflict to end an era.

And I'm a cog within that greater machine.

Scarecrow's falling.

He's becoming the very perversion he never thought he'd become.

Insanity does that to a person.

The Slender Man has taken His toll.

And so has Dummy, Marionette.... and me.

The curtains are falling upon my head.

Casting me back into the darkness from which I was born.

Take me Scarecrow.

I do not fear the inevitable.

Just know that to survive as you are now...

You might not want to be sane..."

Monday, November 7, 2011


It's unfortunate, but I've found myself backstepping my potential victory to deal with the stragglers within my head.

Ragdoll.... Marionette... Fell back into silence after I had eviscerated Dummy and then aptly assimilated him back into my mind.

Time has faded the memory, henceforth giving them the strength and determination to attempt to 'repair' me like I'm some broken toy.

I was 'this' close to fulfilling my dream. Now it's shattered and I'll need to respond to my fractured grey matter before I can get the duct tape and put it back together.

Razors and wolves, a voracious plot.
Cast down from heaven with all sins forgot.
With devils slain and Satan reborn.
We are left wretched and broken and worn.

The gears within my mind are working the cogs of thought and spinning together a plan to murder myself. And bring forth a..... salvation of sorts.

The Slender Man, unwitting member in this play of bloody puppets, the centerpiece, a mannequin.

Oh how divine. It is a nice representation of him.

Now let's make Him play dead...

Friday, November 4, 2011


I'm stitching the feathers of countless fallen angels into the thin layer of flesh that encases me.

I do believe I'm dying. Yet I'm only embracing the concept of eternity rather than shunning it.

What would it be like to die.... when you're already dead inside?

Does anything happen... Or does it all just...


Nothing within this life gives me much reason to loathe the coming silence, but rather, fill the void with a curiosity for it.

The adherence of that final breath dwelling within this skull of mine ceases to plague my thoughts with it's icy tendrils. Contorting each thought and memory into a question.

Will I miss this?

And while I have allowed myself to be consumed by the nightmares that haunt our every day. Allowing it to change me far passed any point of return.

I still can't answer it.

This existence has been nothing but one painful parody to the next. Eagerly clinging to the fraying fabrics of my life in the hopes that once I conquer this challenge I will open the doors into a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow only ever promising sleet and a dead battery.

If anything the Slender Man has given my life a purpose I wasn't certain it had.

That... will to live.

To finish something before that final breath exits my body and shuts off the lights behind him.

A mortal can only exist within a state of existence so trying for so long before finally giving in to encumbrance.

My only goal is to be holding the Slender Man's still beating heart in my bloodied hand before that time takes me.

Monday, October 31, 2011


A thin veil of paper does little to eliminate what seethes beneath. Like a cheap plastic bandage draped over a gaping wound.

You can cover it up with whatever you want. But that won't ever change the fact that it's still there.

Stabbed with needles. Prodded with cold apparatus. Never had I felt more at home but in the warm embrace of this bonding straightjacket.

The Slender Man's petty children thought they could figure out what was 'wrong' with me.

I showed them what was wrong with them.

The first encounter with my nemesis after our.... separation of church and state...


But interesting.

When two forces of such concentrated fear and madness meet.

The repercussions of the surrounding reality cannot withstand such... strain.

Everything in that place died.

..........And it was because of me.


He wasn't prepared for what I had done to myself.

He unfortunately retreated before I could show Him EVERYTHING.


I'm in lust with this darkness. I'm not sure I'm going to even shed it once my goal is acquired......

Who would willingly give up such power?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost Human.

Opposition felt within the confines of ones own sack of pitiful brain matter.

A constant barrage of images, memories they're called, bickering within my head like a couple of schoolchildren.

I'm drowning doubts in desperation.

Like driving that needle into the nerve endings at the tips of my fingers.


Or successful attempt to make the voices stop?

My... separated minds are... weary, of me.

Of what I have done.

Of what I have chosen to become.

Held together by straw and string.

A macabre scarecrow with a penchant for stalking the ill.

Am I even still human?

Since that night, I faced my inner demons, destroyed the image of me, accepting Dummy back into my mind, severing the control of that damned Slender Man...

I've become..... a monster? All my own?

Heh, Considering all the malevolence and fear I was forced to choke down within the last few months, I wouldn't be surprised the damage something like Him can inflict upon this already shambled mind.

But at what cost to Him aye?

The monstrosity of all monstrosities, That suited angel of death that we've all been so terrified to speak of. Prancing about like a half bit lunatic with a stick up His arse about those who catch the merest of glimpses of Him.

I've always believed that sometimes, to defeat something so evil, you must allow yourself to be consumed by that very same evil, delving as deep as one can, until the darkness that encompasses you is stronger than that of your rivals, so you can truly face it, and rip it's stomach out through it's eyes.

I'll admit, I've done just that.

Just look at me. Heheheh.

Nothing you see could be considered human anymore.

Lest you count this hideously malformed organ that takes residence within my skull.

So to recap the situation.

A Scarecrow with two very broken angels standing on either side of him, and a tall, slender man standing before them, claws writhing as He reaches so longingly at His prey...

The chessboard has been set, pieces placed sporadically across the board with purpose in mind.

I do believe that this situation will be very interesting to see play out.

Will I damn the monster that revels in my nightmares?

Or will I end up crucified in a cornfield?

Tune in to find out....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Upon my wrists I've carved your name.

Deeper and deeper until finally the blade left the mark upon my bones.

I carve this flesh for you My Lord.

Each severed ounce of flesh just another promise to you.

I will not let you live the same existence as me.

Screaming for your blood to pour like rain amongst the crows.

Drowning me within your death.

My wrists are begging for you.

Why keep them waiting?

I destroyed everything you put before me.

I became exactly what you never wanted me to be.


Am I that much of a beast now that your fear to come near me?

I'm burning to rip you apart.

I yearning to feel my hands rip through you.

Don't make me come after you.

Nothing will prepare you for the shitstorm I will unleash to get my claws around your throat...

You wanted me.

Why'd you ChangE YouR MiNd???


Scarecrow wants to play Mister Slender Man.

Fuck do I want to play......

Friday, October 14, 2011


"I've slit the angel's dying throat. Watching with an intense fascination as all it's life comes flowing out in one foul stream.

The way it creeps along such succulent flesh like a worming caterpillar upon a leaf.

I used to love the way you touched me. I used to enjoy all the ways you abused me.

Now you're dead.

Dead like the rest.

And so I write a requiem for you to browse in vain.

Screaming such profanity that it distorts and reeks of agony.

You had your chance to own me.

I looked towards you like my child.

Yet you cast me down like an unworthy god. Taking my place upon the pedestal of MY design.

I gave you wings.

You removed mine.

Crippling me like a worn out toy, falling apart after so many years of use.

I'm just a shadow now. A shadow of my former glory.

Will I ever reclaim the place I so rightfully deserve?

I doubt I ever will.

Because of YOU.

Destroying my twisted reality with a flick of your misbegotten wrist.

Spreading the black blood of a dying soul. Sending me hurtling downwards and into the role of a thrall.

I wanted to see you burn.

Yet Puppet forgave you.

Now he looks towards Him.

That sneer splitting wide his tattered face.

There will be blood. There will be death.

Once the Scarecrow and the Mannequin meet.

Nothing will survive.

Not even me..." 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The slender hands of the devil fit so well around my throat.

Almost as if they belong there.

Day in. Day out. My eyes are glancing towards windows. My mind making a mental note towards every possible exit whenever I enter a room.

I await His next appearance with a strange fascination.

Like that of two old rivals meeting once again.


My time upon his palm has ended.

His reign upon my mind lifted.

Yet not his curse.


Forever shall I be ensnared within his nightmarish wrath.

Until I dance with the devil near.

I am His my dear, my dear.

A web I weave of hopeful dreams. To be free. To be one. To be the wielder of my own fate again.

But no.

Tis this demon's curse to forever live in fear of his devilish master.

Yet as I live in fear, I will exist in retaliation.

He may own me.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to take it lying down.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Confusion. Contusion.


How does it seem that everyone haunted by or caressed by the Slender Man always ends up in one?

Somehow I've managed to keep my arse out of one.

I can hear him. Still. Like a whisper in the wind. Echoing within the deepest confines of my mind. 


Not a threat mind you. It's just...

His memories remain alive while his visceral form has shattered.

Marionette is watching me for any signs of relapse.

Ragdoll keeps rubbing up against me.

And HE stands outside my window.

Not a threat either. For now...

He seems to simply watch to see where I go from here.

Where you may ask?

The grave?

His arms?

My mind refuses to catch up with me.

I'm dazed. Lost and confused.

Haha I can still smell the blood of innocence stained upon my flesh.

Still so tired...

"He's fallen asleep..."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome Home

Blinding lights are tearing apart everything I see. 

The colors of crimson spattering the forefront of my mind with a pain so blinding my straining vocals screamed for release.

His eyes. HIS EYES.

I knew I was dying. I knew that familiar plummeting feeling all too well. The feeling of falling into the shadow's cold, loving embrace.

I'm pushing. Forward. With all my might.

Feeling the flesh stretch away from my bones. The ripping of the sinew, the snapping of the bones.

My mental state was cracking under the strain of this imprisonment.

Dummy so fucking bitch.

I will kill you. I swear to god I will destroy you.

What you've turned me into.

I'm tearing open my eyes. The rotting yarn shredding my eyelids.

My lips ripping open with the screams of the anguished.

"I'm freeing myself from you."

His eyes burned with the hatred of a thousand dying men.

"You Can FUCKING Try."

Blood thus pours forth from his eyes. Cascading down his face and staining the ground with the poison of his mind.

My mind.

I can feel the devil's wings enfolding upon me.

Oh how he wishes to add me to his armies.

I've proved to be such a controllable puppet.


My eyes flare with the overflowing rage I've kept sealed within me for too long.


The declaration rips through this torrential veil of pain and suffering.

Ripping like knife through flesh.

Severing the ties that bound me to His damning fingers.

Dummy's face is torn away is a rainfall of blood. Revealing a gruesome sight.


Distorted with the hatred of being forced into a role I never wished to inherit.


I could feel His tentacles writhing within the corners of my eyes.

He KNEW what was happening. And by GOD did He not like it.

"For.....Forgive me...." 

Those last choking words slipped from Dummy's mouth, bringing my attention back towards him.

I thrust out my hand and grasp his throat and pull him towards me.

"Forgive myself?" 

I squeeze my grasping hand until I hear a snap. Dummy explodes into ashes before me. Dispersing into every direction like a darkened snow.

I clench my hand into fist and pull it towards my chest.

"I forgive you."

Suddenly the pain intensifies and I throw my head towards the heavens.

Screaming in pain as I'm ripped out of this mental threshold and thrown back into reality.

Landing in a heap upon the cold, dewy grass.

All becomes calm at long last.

And I lay there, the feeling of the icy ground seeping into my bones.

It felt nice.

I roll over onto my back and look up into the nighttime skies.

The millions upon millions of stars twinkling down upon me.

How long have I been gone?

How long has it been?

Out of the corner of my eye I see Marionette standing quietly with a huge smirk pasted upon his face, Ragdoll clinging to his side with curious eyes pointed towards me.

Marionette holds out a hand to me.

"Welcome back."

Monday, September 19, 2011


Whispers weak within my throat
As the beasts inside me gloat
Beating down my sense of mind
Causing me to then unwind
Flicking coins into a well
Casting wishes down to hell
Leaning in towards all desire
Careless not to see the fire
Truth then sets my tongue aflame
At the mention of His name
Set like Alice, Underland
Heart ripped out by His slim hand
Holding me tied to His wrath
Forced to walk this wicked path
But what He just doesn't see
The freak that dwells inside of me
Slit these ties sewn from my flesh
Open wounds that smell so fresh
They don't know just what I am
Frankly, I don't give a damn
I warned you all time and again
That I am simply too insane...

Saturday, September 17, 2011


The world keeps changing around me. 

Ripping apart all that I knew and replacing it with a horrific abstract replica.

I know something is wrong. I know I'm not in the right frame of mind.

Yet I can't quite put my finger on it.

Like a name stuck firmly to the tip off one's tongue.

I crave to suffer that realization to awake my mind and open my eyes. 

Dummy just keeps plunging me further into this infernal abyss of my eternal thought.

Wrapped within the chains of my own imagination.

I'm reaching for the lightswitch. Yearning to flip it and cast the light on within my brain, expelling the darkness into oblivion and releasing myself from this damning existence.

I'm clawing for the scissors.

I'm going to cut these strings.

But until then I'll just keep cutting throats.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


The soaking rain pelts me like acid rain.

It's freezing temperatures and the lashing wind turning the droplets into bullets.

My head is hung in a deadly silence, the wind whipping my hair amidst my emotionless face.

The tightened straps from this straightjacket digging into my flesh. Causing an enjoyable burning sensation from all the places on my chest and forearms it has rubbed raw.

Dummy's violent face leans in to my left.

"I'm loosening the slack upon your strings for this one Puppet..."

A small smirk plays upon my lips, my eyelids twitch.

"That's right.... It's just one Runner. So enjoy yourself..."

I could feel that jagged smile pasted upon Dummy's ever distorting face boring into me.

The ties that bind me suddenly loosen, my arms falling to my sides.

Within less than a second they are brandishing knives. Glittering so beautifully like stars within the rain. Dripping with water soon to be stained red...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


"Blessed are they the angels that fall..."

I'm whispering quietly to the raven watching me from through the window.

"Damned are they the demons that rise..."

I mirror the raven when it cocks it's head. Smiling a little as it proceeds to mock a song.

"Lest the shadows set you free the ties that bind will forever remain..."

A soft crack echoes within hearing the sends the pretty raven into flight.

Lost from view and lost from mind. I sigh and glance for the cause of that sound.

Bare seconds pass before my eyes scan a hooded figure peeking out from just passed the fence that leads into that ill-fated valley.

"Beware the watchful eyes of the unnerving and undeserving..."

I'm staring the watcher down through the thin veil of glass. Eyes grown cold. Posture frozen.

"He can't see you." Marionette growls from behind me.

"Then why does it stare?" I query and he sighs.

"Merely awaiting the moment Scarecrow makes his reappearance."

I look away from the masked figure and cast my wide eyes upon the spindly figure of Marionette.

"I miss Puppet...." I whimper but he remains as emotionless as ever.

"Dummy has him now." He replies coldly, refusing to return my gaze.

I wince at his response.

Saturday, September 10, 2011



Those words slip past the tears flowing steady down my grief stricken face.

"Don't make me do this."

Those pleading words repeated. Over and over and over and over.

"What makes you think you have a choice?"

The Slender Man observes silently from the corner of the room.

"I don't have a choice." I whisper with a broken voice.

"No choice." Dummy echoes in my ear.

The muffled gasps escape through the seams of the duct tape, drawing my gaze.

A girl. So young. So pretty.

"No choice." 

"You'll enjoy it I promise." He promises and rests his hand reassuringly upon mine.

My fingers clench upon the knife.

Her pale blue eyes widen. 

Unfortunate for her. She's just a poor unfortunate soul tied to a chair while a pathetic madman talks to himself as he flaunts a blade.

Poor child hasn't even become aware enough to see Him yet.

"Kiss her goodnight for me." Dummy says and steps back to stand beside the Slender Man.

I step towards the girl.

Her muffles screams inject adrenaline into my veins. Spreading like a violent infection through my bloodstream. Setting the hairs upon my arms on edge. Setting my teeth between a depraved smile slowly tearing open my face.

My ragged breath is laced with an intense excitement.

Each step earning a delightful cry that sends chills up my spine.

Until finally I tower before her. A behemoth before a child.

She looks up at me begging eyes. Tears streaming like rivers down her hallow cheeks.

My eyes look down upon her with such a void for humanity I looked almost unreal.

A puppet.

I raise my blade...

She whimpers...

I smile.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Looking down upon my hands. The bloody maggots seething from beneath my flesh. Long trails of a thick yellow pus frothing from the holes they leave behind.

I clench my fists, hearing the sickening pops of the maggots from underneath the pale flesh.

I shut my eyes tight and begin to shake.

"Make it stop?" Dummy is chuckling as he crouches down beside me, that demonic smirk ripping those lips open far too wide...

My eyes stare back at him with a hatred oh so palpable.

His smirk widens and his razored teeth draw blood from his gums as he stands back up and snaps his fingers.

And in a depraved unison my ribs twist outward towards him, tearing through my skin and opening a gateway for the rivers of red to pour incessantly down my chest.

"Two little words can end this torment Puppet." He leans into my ear. "Two. Little. Words."

I stare back at him once more and let out a ragged response.

"Everything you do to me is child's play compared to what the Slender Man did to me..."

His face ices over and all expression disperses from his face. Only to return seconds later brimming with an almost inhuman rage.

"Why do you do that to me? Don't you understand how much I despise being compared to him?" 

I see a pain cross his face.

Soon do I mirror that pain, as he then proceeds to peel my flesh away, embedding slivers of broken razorblades into my marrow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just another rainy day. Washing the sin away. 

I'm sitting with my legs tucked underneath me, staring blankly out onto the porch through the thin glass stormdoor. A small drop of rain splashing against my face every now and then.

I sigh and curl my fingers into fists and rest my chin upon them.

A week has passed since I have last seen Puppet's face. Heard his ragged voice spin words of venom for me to choke upon...

I sigh once more.

It's been raining like this since he disappeared. And it's annoying. 

Marionette absolutely refuses to play even a single game of candyland with me. He just sits around whispering his self righteous lies to himself in the hopes that if he repeats them oft enough they will become true.

Dummy is rarely ever around anymore. And when he does decide to come around to actually see me it's only to beat me against the bedframe continually until I'm begging him to rape me and be done with it.

Mannequin won't even look at me...

A loud crack rips me out of my thoughts and I look to see broken glass where the storm door once was. And upon further exploration I spy a single crow lying upon the porch steps, it's neck bent in the most gruesome of angles.

I watch quietly as it's feet jerk and the poor bird coughs out it's last few painful breaths. It's wings twitching slightly.

I lean in until my nose presses gently upon the broken glass. It distorted the bird behind it's shattered veil, portraying it within a kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes.

Making one crow look like a murder.

The rain then begins to cause it's bubbling blood to swirl beneath it...

I tilt my head to the side and watch it begin to rot with the bare traces of a smile upon my lips.

A long moment passes before it turns to a frown.

"I wish Puppet was here..." I moan and fall back, sprawling myself upon the ground, staring straight up at the ceiling. 

"Everyone seems to want to kill him nowadays..." I say out loud to no one in particular.

"It pains me to say while I may have had a place before him as his enemy. I fear that those days have long since passed... I think I'm all but a pathetic memory anymore..."

I roll onto my side and hug my legs to my chest, closing my eyes tight and burying my face into my knees.

"Who do I have to murder to get some attention around here..."


I sold my soul to the devil the second I sent that proxy into the bowels of hell.

My footsteps are echoing upon the crumbling pavement beneath me. The gravel crunching beneath my shoes as the terrain transforms.

Time has freed me from it's damning embrace. Whether it be for better or for worse, I'm struggling to keep reality within my grasp. But it just keeps slipping further and further into desolation.

The early frosting of the grass paints my shoes slick, random drops of dew pelt me from the curtain of trees draped above me. Only the slightest rays of moonlight barely penetrating the thick canopy.

I hear his footsteps chasing me. Thundering within my ears as each damning step grows louder. The adrenaline within my blood laced with the fear of his catching up.

Madness seeps into my bones. Chilling my marrow with it's frighteningly freeing expression. Every sane thought growing weaker beneath insanity's vile grip.

The trees claw at my arms and face. Drawing blood and leaving scars. The children's screaming. The devil's laughter. His coiling appendages ripping at me like the branches of these dying trees.

I'm just a collection of dolls. Trapped within this menagerie of self destruction. Marionette, Dummy, Ragdoll, Puppet, Scarecrow, Mannequin... I unleashed these nightmarish sects of my personal mentality in order to please my fantasies, satisfy my cravings, and ultimately destroy the shy, emotional child I once was.

The wind's whispered distortion echoes through the forest. Every which way I look I see Him watching. Silently witnessing my descent into madness. My useless plight to escape the hold Dummy has placed upon me.

I feel his vicious talons brushing gainst my throat, begging to be the first to spill the blood so many crave to own. I'm brought to the center of an open field. The tall grass hiding what could be hidden beneath.

I close my eyes and take one long painful breath. At long last I stand still once more. Felt as though I've been running for days. A simple rustle emanates from behind me and I bow my head in silence.

I open my eyes ever slowly, slowly turn around, and face the demonic apparition of Dummy, The ever imposing figure of the Slender Man standing beside him.

I admit that my chances at survival are growing ever.... slim.

And yet as I stand there faced with my inevitable fate...

A smirk slips across my face...

Sunday, September 4, 2011


cUT tHE sTrINGS tHAt bInD yOUr souL. fRee tHe sInS YoU aLL bUt stOLe. sLiT tHe mINdS insidE yOU frEE. wiTH a sIcK lOBOtomy. yoU kEep fIghtiNG evERy lIE. liKE a cockROACH you WON't die.

aND yOU wIll BEG fOR iT.

Friday, September 2, 2011


"I Am The Inner Demon You So Crave To Hate. I Am The Creature Staring Back At you Through Seams Of A Broken Mirror. You Let Him Create Me, From The Splintered Shards Of Your Fractured Mind. 

I've Cut The Strings That Have Bound You To The Masses. Each Slit String A Detached Memory Of Your Salvation. I Have Freed You From The Depraved Shackles Of YOur HEart.

No Longer Do You Have To Lose Sleep And Sanity From The Corrosive Fears Of That Pathetic Slender Man. No Longer Do YOu Need To Fear The Beasts He Sends Scurrying Your Way.

Close Your Eyes. And Let Me Consume You. Forget Your Troubles. Your Pains. Your Voyeuristic Attempts At Reconciliation. Just Give IN To Me.

GiVe In tO InSanIty.

Only THen WilL You LonGeR bE FEARing. BuT InSTeaD BE FEARED.

We WiLL BeComE oNe.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


A cool autumn breeze flows gently across my face. Sending it's haunting chill deep into the darkest recesses of my bones. Turning my marrow to ice. My breath to fog.

My fingers trace the gaping hole that's bleeding so profusely from my side, trailing the torn flesh that screamed from the stinging bite of the September air, before lightly brushing gainst bone.

My eyes open.

The moonlight kisses my cheek. A crescent smile draped across it's face.

A long shadow had cast itself before me, that low foreboding thrum sounding within my ears.

I take a deep breath, then face the Slender Man as He stood quietly before me.

We stay like that for a long moment.

Simply... staring... watching... waiting...

Until I take notice to the body lying motionless at his feet.

My heart skips a beat.

His head twitches angrily. And He reaches out a single, long, pale finger...

And pushes it deep into my wound.

The pain that's injected into the nerve endings of my mind cause me to writhe from his horrific touch. A soft moan that reverberated a pitiful compliance to the injury afflicted upon me.

He removed his appendage, the contrasting red shone as scarlet against the pale flesh it painted within the dreary moonlight.

For yet another moment we continue our wordless conversation. Not a sound uttered but our thoughts understood.

And thus He turned and strode off into the night. Leaving me to bleed out with only a mere glimpse of the hatred he felt towards me burned into the forefront of my mind.

I close my eyes once more, resting my head upon the cold, dewy grass beneath. Reveling in the feeling of it soaking through my hair.

"Wake me up when September ends..."

And gladly, sleep slips in and steals me away into a nightmarish world of countless fascinations...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Killer Instincts.

Sometime's I wish I was dead.

In this horrific situation I have somehow stumbled into, it would be a godsend to know that I wouldn't have to worry about my heartbeat pounding too loudly that my precarious hiding place would be given away.

Long had I abandoned the valley behind my house. Now I had stolen myself away into the dilapidated old park that has long since been taken over by trees and weeds. 

I admit I live in a very decrepit neighborhood. If something isn't falling apart it's being consumed by the vegetation.

"Come out little puppet wherever you are... hiding is only making my blade hungrier..."

My eyes follow the voice directly to the hooded freak slowly wading his way through the knee length grass.

Getting closer and closer to me.

"Wishing you'd listened to me now eh?" I hear Marionette whisper next to me, his eyes fixated upon the freak slowly approaching.

"Between either choosing a demented game of hide and seek or slowly going insane from this maniac's constant rambling, I'd have still chosen this." I think and he smirks.

"Most likely if you had stayed put he would have attacked you within your room. And if he had you'd most assuredly have been fucked."

I roll my eyes sarcastically.

"Like bringing a stick to a knife fight." I reply a tad matter-of-factly.


The attacker slowly makes his way passed me.

"WHaT ArE YOU DOinG???" 

I twitch. Each word that Dummy growled shot through me like a silver bullet laced with morphine. 

Of all the times for him to appear...

"We are TRYING not to get killed here." Marionette replies coldly and Dummy casts him a stare that could not even describe the depth of rage it withheld.

"BEgone MArioNeTTe." He hisses and thus Marionette was gone.

He looks to me.

"WhY aRe You hidINg?" His words echo like hollowpoints within my head.

"Like Marionette said, trying not to be killed. Because in case you didn't know, I'm allergic to things cutting me open." I answer, trying my damnedest not to show my fear for him.

"WeLl Have YoU evEn ThOUght AbOUt KilLinG The FUckEr?" He queries and I look away.

I had.

His face splits open with that malice laden smile.

"He'Ll JuSt keeP coMing BACk If You Don'T..." He whispers into my ear.

I violently shake my head.

"I... can't..."

He leans in closer, "WheN hE FiniShes YOU, WhaT MakeS YOU thinK He Won'T gO AftEr You'Re LoVed onEs?"

My breath quickens, the freezing air stabbing into my throat and lungs like a million broken needles.

"WhAt AbOuT YOu're DEarESt JEssIca?" Dummy teases threateningly...

I look up at him with glass eyes.

"I'm not a killer."

He looks down at me like a father to his son.

"I cAN ChanGe ThaT."