Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Killer Instincts.

Sometime's I wish I was dead.

In this horrific situation I have somehow stumbled into, it would be a godsend to know that I wouldn't have to worry about my heartbeat pounding too loudly that my precarious hiding place would be given away.

Long had I abandoned the valley behind my house. Now I had stolen myself away into the dilapidated old park that has long since been taken over by trees and weeds. 

I admit I live in a very decrepit neighborhood. If something isn't falling apart it's being consumed by the vegetation.

"Come out little puppet wherever you are... hiding is only making my blade hungrier..."

My eyes follow the voice directly to the hooded freak slowly wading his way through the knee length grass.

Getting closer and closer to me.

"Wishing you'd listened to me now eh?" I hear Marionette whisper next to me, his eyes fixated upon the freak slowly approaching.

"Between either choosing a demented game of hide and seek or slowly going insane from this maniac's constant rambling, I'd have still chosen this." I think and he smirks.

"Most likely if you had stayed put he would have attacked you within your room. And if he had you'd most assuredly have been fucked."

I roll my eyes sarcastically.

"Like bringing a stick to a knife fight." I reply a tad matter-of-factly.


The attacker slowly makes his way passed me.

"WHaT ArE YOU DOinG???" 

I twitch. Each word that Dummy growled shot through me like a silver bullet laced with morphine. 

Of all the times for him to appear...

"We are TRYING not to get killed here." Marionette replies coldly and Dummy casts him a stare that could not even describe the depth of rage it withheld.

"BEgone MArioNeTTe." He hisses and thus Marionette was gone.

He looks to me.

"WhY aRe You hidINg?" His words echo like hollowpoints within my head.

"Like Marionette said, trying not to be killed. Because in case you didn't know, I'm allergic to things cutting me open." I answer, trying my damnedest not to show my fear for him.

"WeLl Have YoU evEn ThOUght AbOUt KilLinG The FUckEr?" He queries and I look away.

I had.

His face splits open with that malice laden smile.

"He'Ll JuSt keeP coMing BACk If You Don'T..." He whispers into my ear.

I violently shake my head.

"I... can't..."

He leans in closer, "WheN hE FiniShes YOU, WhaT MakeS YOU thinK He Won'T gO AftEr You'Re LoVed onEs?"

My breath quickens, the freezing air stabbing into my throat and lungs like a million broken needles.

"WhAt AbOuT YOu're DEarESt JEssIca?" Dummy teases threateningly...

I look up at him with glass eyes.

"I'm not a killer."

He looks down at me like a father to his son.

"I cAN ChanGe ThaT."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My feet crush the iced over grass beneath them with a satisfying crunch as each tentative step carries me towards the whispers.

Ragdoll skipped around me playfully, her naked feet making no sound amongst the grass and weeds that littered what was conceived to apparently be my backyard.

"This is quite fun is it not Puppet? Who knows what awaits us once we leave the sheltered haven of your porch light..."

The lingering uneasiness permeated through the cold nighttime air like a thick blanket of foreboding. 

It struck me as odd that even though it was only the end of August, it could be so cold this night...

We follow the low whispers to the very back of the yard, to the rusty chain link fence. 

"Aren't those chills running up your spine so exhilarating Puppet? It's like we're playing a macabre game of hide & seek..."

Shrugging off Ragdoll's euphoric excitement, I peer over the gate and into the world beyond.

Tall, yellowed grass had invaded the small stretch of field the lie before me. It was as though no one had ever thought to ever mow this place.

The condemned back alleys awaited me with open arms and curious whispers.

I glance at the gate. Locked as always. Too determined to turn back now in search of a key, I jump the fence. Hitching one foot onto the top bar and then catapulting the rest of me up and over.

I land a bit heavily. Albeit due to the fact that it was dark and I could have sworn the damn ground was further away.

Damn me for being too fuckin tall.

Quickly my attention was turned back to the now, as the whispers spiked in urgency. Whoever was repeating "Slender Man. Slender Man. Slender Man." Must of obviously caught on to me.

"Careful Puppet, don't want to fuck up do you?" Ragdoll taunts with a giggle.

I cast her a quick glare but catch movement behind her.

Someone was running towards us.

"Midnight jogger?" I think out loud.

But soon the whispers stopped repeating inside of my head and I could here whoever was catching up to us chanting it angrily.

It was then I noticed the shimmer of the knife.

"You should be running..." Ragdoll whispers rather worried then disappears.

My mind went blank except for one word. And I admit I was repeating it just as violently as the freak chasing me with the knife was chanting "Slender Man."

And as I turned tail and took off into the darkness of this abysmal valley I had walked in to it kept slipping out of my mouth with each panicked breath.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!"

Monday, August 29, 2011


"Shut. The Fuck. UUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

My television is thrown as I roar in a frustration induced rage.

Yet still, as the screen shatters into a thousand pieces, the circuits and wiring propelling themselves into the darkest corners of my room,

The whispering refuses to stop.

The emotionless chant keeps lingering.

"Slender Man. Slender Man. Slender Man. Slender Man."

The walls feel to be closing in on me. Confining me within a violent claustrophobic seizure of the mind.

My fingers groping for the doorknob. Twining themselves around it and ejecting the door outward.

The whispering grows louder.

My ears perk up. I grow more alert.

"Don't be stupid..."  I hear Marionette warn me off to my left.

"Follow it... Who knows what you might find..." Ragdoll giggles to my right.

The unrelenting chorus that keeps repeating it's dull monologue starts to grow quiet.

"Let it be....." Marionette growls.

"Let's play pretend... you can be the cat..." Ragdoll smiles innocently.

I smirk and Marionette snorts, "Your funeral then..." and walks off into the darkness.

Ragdoll skips passed me, "Let's go! Before Father finds us..."

I started to say something violent but the whispers got quieter and I quickly started after her.

My curiosity getting the better of me...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Slender Man.

Afraid to open the wooden door
That leads out to the night
Though my stomachs feeling sick
All I can do is write

Scared to glance out in the dark
To those decrepit woods
Scared to take one haunted look
To where the Slender Man stood

In this room I hear it's call
Kid's laughter in the wind
I hear it moving in the night
Tears fall cause I am pinned

Images of a faceless man
Rip apart my dreams
Slowly drawn towards madness
I feel my ripping seams

I cower in this nightmare
The Slender Man in sight
His many arms draw towards me
All I can do...

Is write.


He is watching me from the foot of my bed.

"That curious lean of his head..."

He's simply watching as we write.

Before this nightmare I have always been a writer.

"This outlet was supposed to be a haven for just that..."

Instead of a chronicles of the horror that now haunts us.

The pen is flicking across the page.

"The pitch black inspiration spattered across the canvas of such pure degradation..."

Once more the madness becomes one unified mind.

"DrIVen BY INSanITy."

He stands there silent yet so triumphant.

"As we lastly do His bidding..."

Among us all the Mannequin holds the power.

"BUt THaT WON'T Last For LoNg......."

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Small droplets of rain were hitting my face with soft plops. I felt sharp stones digging into my spine. Once more I open my eyes.

The sky. Grey like it has always been.

I tried to move. But my body screamed no.

"You fell..." a soft voice explains out of sight.

I slowly turn my head until I see Ragdoll's big brown eyes looking into mine.

"I did did I?" I reply and she looks up at the two story roof.

"You left your shoe up there..." She says quietly.

I follow her gaze and stare at the lip of the roof where I had fallen from.

Surely a fall from that height should have killed me?

"He caught you..." She answers and I look back at her.

"The Slender Man caught you..." She explained further.

An eyebrow is raised. "He did did He?" 

She looks at me.

"I think I made a mistake with making Dummy..."

I gasp, "You Think?"

Her look turns to a glare.

"You're not helping the situation at all with your idiotic sarcasm..."

I sit up painfully and cast an angry stare at her.

"After what you have done? You GAVE me to the Slender Man!" I shout and she cringes.

"He did exactly what I had tricked Him into doing. You just had to be so unstable. He found hurting you more enjoyable than I had originally planned..."

She looks away.

"Didn't help that you are a masochist..."

I actually felt a smirk sneak it's way onto my face.

"Ol' Slendy found enjoyment in my fetish eh?" I chuckle and she sighs.

"What are you going to do about Dummy?" She asks seriously.

I furrow my brow.

"I have no fucking clue."

For the first time in a while I hear her laugh.

"Little Scare-crow doesn't know how to fend of fear..."


What do you do when everything grows silent?

When the horrific static distorting the radio dies down to a low thrum. Creeping into the back of your mind and nesting.

The crickets die. The wind grows quiet. The nighttime sounds of passing cars and domestic abuse smothered beneath the thick blanket of silence that has slowly lain itself out.

The soft thrum increases on it's journey to it's violent crescendo.

The suffocating veil of shadow casting it's glow over what should be consumed in light.

That macabre ragdoll standing limply in the doorway, a small bundle moving restlessly in her arms.

You can see her lips moving but no words meet your ears.

You can only read those luscious red lips mouth those few horrific words.

"Help me..."

Yet the words that finally meet your ears speak differently.

A cascade of lies and aroused moans assail my ears.

"The child of my father is the lover that I need... Slit me open like your veins... Let me flow all over you... Devour the child the Slender Man birthed... Before he consumes us all..."

She leans her head back towards the sky. Blood flowing from her every orifice.

The screams. The sexual screams.

I scratch at my ears. Until blood runs from deep gashes.

Yet still her words are injected into my eardrums.

"Words spilling like scarlet angels from my eyes... The rain will turn to blood... Your mind will consume you... Whoever prevails in the digestion of the other... The Slender Man will come for..."

I'm peeling the flesh from my face, an abstract agony.

She keeps bleeding. She keeps screaming. A chorus of hatred to tear apart what's left of my tortured sanity.

I hear my screams echoing over the static on the radio.


Each words a nail driven into my skull.

I reach forward, gripping her thin wrist, pulling her into me, my fingers sliding over her slender wrists until I tighten my grip.


Then twist them all the way around. Blood, bone, sinew, screams. Sprayed all over me.

I thrust my tongue down her throat.

Her teeth dig and dig until I hear her swallow.

The thrumming grows evermore. Drowning out our entwined screams.

I'm pushed upon the bed of spikes. the penetrating pleasure ripping through my flesh like the slip of razored silver.

She straddles me. Running her fingernails up my chest, leaving long bloody trails behind them.

I'm running my fingertips along her heated flesh as her back arches in response.

Am I simply this insane?


I'm sliding into her. Watching her screams turn to gasps. Sweat begins to form as our movements become liquid.

Blood pours torrential as torture turns to pleasure.

As Ragdoll's grinding herself back and forth on top of me. Something behind her catches my eye.

"I'm Going To Enjoy Killing You..."

My eyes widen. The static's orchestral score explodes.

I'm ripping away from reality. My mind the home for something so twisted. so depraved.

"Dummy..." were the words I gasp before his face is suddenly inches from mine.


His voice explodes in my head like a roar of thunder. He snaps his fingers and Ragdoll's gone. Her embrace replaced by his slender fingers wrapping around my throat.

He raises me off the bed and high into the air.

"What Will You Do Puppet? When You Realize That The Very Thing You Revel In Is The Very Thing That's Against yOU?"

I glanced at the ground, somehow we were thousands of feet from it. My fear of plummeting fills my stomach with lead. Bile burns the very back of my throat.


He brings me close to his face and I watch as it then starts to sizzle away.


Finally I felt my mouth open.

"Don't call me Puppet you son of a bitch." I growl.

Dummy looked as though I had slapped him... Quickly it was contorted with hatred.

"YOU. WILL. FEAR. ME!!!!!!!!!"

And he lets go.

And I fall.....

And fall....

And Fall......

Friday, August 26, 2011


"You idiot."

"You were the one who set Him off."

"You didn't close the door."

"Like that would stop Him?"

"Would have slowed Him down."

"I highly doubt that."

I raise an eyebrow at Marionette. The last couple of days we have somehow become a sort of team. Always sticking together. Maybe I'm still unconsciously too scared to be alone. Maybe I'm just that far too gone.

Whatever if is we're stuck together for the time being.

"Have you noticed that He appears to be alot more pissed off at us than usual?"  I ask him.

"I doubt He would just take Ragdoll's manipulation of Him without getting at least a little pissed."

I look at him for a brief second, let out a breath then walk over to the window and pull the blinds aside, revealing a flood of tendrils clawing angrily at the glass.

"I'm thinking He may be a little more than simply 'pissed'." I reply and drop the blinds.

"Why doesn't He just go after Ragdoll?" I continue before shutting my mouth. Unfortunately my idiotic statement had already been spoken, and Marionette spent no time jumping upon the opportunity.

"Because Ragdoll IS you dumbass. He can't kill her because she technically doesn't exist. You though, DO exist. So He just kills you and turns you into a macabre tree ornament and kills the rest of us as well. It's the only way."

I cast him a blank stare. "Okay, now can you put that in a folder and label it 'Shit I Already Know'? For fuck's sake Marionette, We have more pressing matters to deal with at this particular moment."

And thus I see that classic sneer slit open his face.

"In actuality, YOU have pressing matters to take care of, I just work here."

I perch myself on the edge of my bed and stare at the shadows cast from the tendrils outside weave and swirl like a strange kaleidoscope nightmare.

"Why doesn't He just appear in here like he always does?" I say, mostly to myself.

"He must still be waiting for something..."

I glance over and see Marionette's face etched deeply with worry.

"We really need to find Ragdoll don't we?" 

After a moment he looks over at me.

"Now more than ever..."

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Rock A BYe BAbY, In The Tree TOP.
WHen The Wind BLOwS, The CraDle WilL ROck.
WHeN The BouGh BrEaKs, THe CRadle WIlL FAll.
ANd DOwn WIll Come BAbY, CraDle And AlL.

BaBy Is DROwSing, COsy aNd FAir.
MOther Sits NEaR, In HeR THOrnY CHIaR.
FOrWaRd ANd BAck, THe CRadlE She SWINgs.

FRom The HigH ROOfTOps, DOwn TO tHE SeA.
No ONE'S As DeaR, As BAbY TO mE.
Wee LIttLE FINgerS, EYeS wiDE AnD bRigHT.
NOw SOund AsleeP... 

UnTIL MorNIng LighT..."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Falling Puppet. Rising Fear.

Such a mournful straightjacket I have been stitched into. Mentally impaired by the straps that locked my arms in place. Physically altered by the countless imperfections that are sprouting by the dozens upon my decrepit flesh.

Like heinous goosebumps they protrude like weeds. Ripping through my flesh like the decadent drug injected through the tip of a needle.

Speaking to Marionette is the equivalent of making out with a mouthful of razors.

Strangely contradictory to what most sane people would take from this statement, I find the thought spine tingling in the most exciting of ways.

Marionette doesn't know how much I need his company right now.

Long do I fear the moment I stumble upon Ragdoll of the Slender Man once more.

Long do I fear that moment I figure out just what 'Dummy was Here' means.

I can feel in crawling just under my skin. 

Something happened to me, something violent. And I am slowly finding myself unconsciously finding joy in the pain and repentant suffering of all those around me.

My eyes stare into the fleshy sockets where His should be. My mind begging for a reason. Any sort of possible explanation as to why he finds so much interest in ripping my psyche apart piece by fucking piece.

I find myself wishing I just gouge my eyes out so I no longer have to see Him stalking me.

To feel that ounce of relief.

To be free.

I've been given multiple hands. I've been given many promises of shoulders to lean on. And by god do I want to believe that I can take those hands wholeheartedly. To lastly rest my head and know I wouldn't be judged if I just break down right there.

But I don't know how.

Whatever happened when the Slender Man first got a hold of me... He gave me a mask to wear. A mask of strength. To throw all fear aside no matter what stands before me and fight.

I want to wear it to the point that it's no longer a mask.

I want to destroy the walls of fear that have been constructed within my fragmented mind.

To free myself from it's hold and stand forth before the rising storm. And withstand anything He or anything else wishes to deal me.

To be the effigy of exactly they all should fear.

Beginning now. I am jumping headfirst into Hell. I'm completely enveloping myself in the darkness that already threatens to consume me.

No longer am I to be a Puppet whose strings are controlled by all who I fear.

I am going to become a fighter. Never shall I hide again. Never shall let Him rape my mind again.

I am becoming fear itself.

I am 


Better Judgement .

"Your room was empty..."

"I found it more calming up here."

"In the trees?"


"......You know He's watching you right now... right?"

"Let Him watch. I don't care."

"...You really are starting to worry me."

"Have you found Ragdoll yet?"

"......No. You should really get insid-"

"It looks like it's going to rain again..."

"...You're irritating Him acting like this Puppet."


"...That isn't wise..."

"Nothing I ever do is ever really considered 'wise'."

"....He's coming this way..."

"Let Him. I'll slit his fucking throat."

".......I'll keep searching for Ragdoll..."

"You do that."

"...Take care..."


Monday, August 22, 2011


"Puppet wake up."

My eyelids flutter.

"Wake. The fuck. Up."

I can feel the warmth of the sun beating down upon me like a heavy blanket during the fourth of july.

Yet again my head threatened to crack open should I open my eyes.

I groan.

"Five more minutes..."

I could practically feel his snarky grin rip open across his face.

"Glad to see you aren't a vegetable mate."

I stop a moment. My mind grinding through everything I could remember the last few weeks.

"That might be THE first time you have ever said something to me without insulting my intelligence... on that note..."

I blindly sit up, burying my eyes behind my hands before slowly peeling them open within the shade.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?" I ask.

A dry laugh.

"Aren't You?"

A chuckle echoes somewhat dead within my throat.


A moment of silence as I rub my ever aching eyes. My head attempt to beat itself out of my skull.

"Unlike most people, you tend to bounce back from the brink pretty easily."

I take a breath and remove my hands from my eyes, the beaming rays of the sun painting themselves against my retinas like a thick coat of pain. 

"Unfortunately I'm not like most people." I respond, reeling from how the light had hit me harder than I had thought.

Marionette crouches down next to me, a true look of concern etched upon his face.

"Do you remember the last few days?" He asks and I close my eyes and desperately think back.


He sighs and looks off into the trees.

"Should be for the better. No one should be ever have to be forced through what happened to you the last couple of days..."

I look at him. Taking a long moment before finally opening my mouth.

"What happened."

He looks back to me, a look of sadness within his usually angry eyes.

"He split your mind again. This time ALOT more severely than the previous times."

I sigh and rub my neck.

"Explains the headache." I reply nonchalantly.

His expression hardens and he looks me up close. He looked weak. Which looking back at what happened to him... shouldn't come as such a surprise.

"Are you alright?" The words echo with another emotion I would have never expected him to possess.


"Considering the fact that I have had my brain fucked with once again, and I have also woken up in who the fuck knows where AGAIN without a clue as to what's happened or how long I've been out AGAIN. And also having this monstrous headache beating into my skull with a flat iron AGAIN. Yeah I'm perfectly fine."

His brow furrows, creasing the lines on his face further.

"You seem... different."

I cast a dark glare into his eyes.

"Maybe I'm learning to accept the situation I'm in, rather than fight every fact."

I didn't mean to inject so much venom into that statement. nontheless I did. And Marionette felt the sting.

He stands up.

"Just watch out for yourself..." 

And with that he's gone. Replaced by my shadow, staring back at me.

"What are YOU looking at?" I growl at it before heaving myself to my feet. The gravel beneath me digging into my palms as I lift myself up.

A stain of red upon my chest catches my eye. Sparked with curiosity, I lift up my dirty t-shirt and a scowl slowly crawls across my face.

"What the fuck is this?!?!?"

I seethe as I look down at the words 'Dummy Was Here' scrawled haphazardly into my flesh..... 


"It's done..."

Saturday, August 20, 2011


2:35 p.m.

"Rain... Rain... Go Away... Come Again Another Day..."

Another childish rhyme is playing it's repetitive yet catchy tune inside of my skull.

"Rain... Rain... Go Away... Come Again Some Other Day..."

I'm perched on the edge of my bed, basked in darkness, I had not yet replaced the lightbulb to the only lightsource within my room but had instead fallen back on using a flashlight to navigate.

"Rain... Rain... Go Away... Come Again Another Day..."

True to her maddening singing there was indeed a storm raging outside. Heavy gales bending the trees. Brief snaps of lightning enveloping the room in a bright light before retreating back behind the safety of thunder's tremendous clap.

"Rain... Rain... Go Away... Come Again Some Other Day..."

"SHUT UP!" I finally scream and send my fist driving into the wall. That spike of anger sending waves through my body, making me evermore rigid and tense.

A giggle echoes from the darkness, and I feel a small form of Ragdoll sit herself upon the edge of my bed. Smiling victoriously up at me.

"You are fucking annoying." I growl at her and her smile widens.

"You should lighten up, today is a monumental occasion..." She declares happily and I feel an eyebrow raise.

"And why is that?" I ask simply. Though knowing her... I was surprised I had the courage to even ask.

I see her features grow darker... more insidious...

"Today I get a baby..."

A long silence..... fear begins to crawl up my spine.

"What do you mean by that?" I ask, unable to come up with a better query. 

She stands up and her smile becomes almost inhuman because... well she was.

"I thought you were more clever than that Puppet..." She teases and suddenly glances into the darkness behind me.

"He makes angels too..."

A Flare goes off in my mind. And I whip around to see a tall shadow standing opposite of me. I could hear a steady thrum sounding within the air just by seeing it.

My blood turned to ice.

It moves forward.

I throw my hand out for the nightstand on my side of the bed, my fingers wrapping around the handle of the heavy black flashlight.

The thrum increases in intensity.

I quickly point the flashlight towards the shadow. And as my mind screamed for me not to prove EXACTLY who I knew it was...

I thumbed the switch. 

And a blast of light explodes from it's tip, bathing the room in a dim white light.

Revealing the tall suited monster almost sliding towards me.

I could hear Ragdoll's insane laughter scream into my ears. The thrum growing so much in intensity I could feel it in the air. My body was frozen. My eyes locked onto the sight of the monster before me. Strange black, spindly vines beginning to bleed from his back and move determinedly towards me. 

I was screaming but my mouth didn't move.

He was getting closer.


Ragdoll just stands their pointing and laughing at me.

I feel the first of the contorting tentacles brush my wrist.

And a spark goes off in my brain.

Suddenly the door to my room is kicked open and I hear Marionette's voice roar,


A quick stutter in the thrum emanating within the atmosphere and I manage to grasp at my only chance.

I rip myself away from the hypnotic grip of the Slender Man, a single flash of lightning casting an outline of my desperate escape out the room and into the hallway.

Ragdoll sounded a howl of rage as Marionette slams the door shut.

"Thank you, if you didn't show-"

He throws me a look of disbelief.


The door rattles as something heavy collides with it on the other side. And Marionette grabs the knob with both his hands and pulls with all his strength.

"RUN!!!" He roars and without another ill-advised word I take off down the hallway, heading straight towards the front door.

An explosion and right as I round the hallway and reach the living room I hear The thrumming return even louder than before.

I didn't stop to look at what happened.

I launch myself over the couch and tear the front door open, kicking out the screen door as I take one glimpse behind me...

And see Ragdoll staring at me with eyes full of hate, Marionette's endless scream sounding from within the hallway behind her.

I hear a shout slip from my mouth as I turn tail and throw myself out the door, the sudden impalement upon the millions of raindrops cascading from the darkened sky sending a shock through my system. While also drenching me to the bone within seconds.

I hit the ground running. My feet slapping the pavement one after another, splashing through the overwhelming water.

"GIVE ME MY BABY!!!" I hear Ragdoll scream from behind me and suddenly a bullet of pain goes shooting through my brain.

I'm crippled.

I lose the use of my legs and I go sprawling to the ground mere inches from the front gate.

I'm screaming. The mixture of fear and failure and horror and disgust in myself driving verbal venom to drip profusely from my mouth....

Looking back I see Ragdoll standing untouched by the rain. A triumphant smile pasted upon her lips. 

The thrumming reaches it's crescendo. My eyes are jerked back to the sight of the Slender Man standing silently next to her, his ever branching limbs inching closer and closer.

But I see someone draped amongst the dozens of clawing arms...


Joining the collection of still life this horrific nightmare has been amassing for god knows how long.

I feel my heart die. My hopes extinguished.

Ragdoll giggles.

The first of the many claws wraps itself around my ankle.

A splitting pain tears it's way through my brain.

And the darkness engulfs me.