Friday, June 8, 2012


At last I've come to realize the error of my way...

Within the shape of torment and self pity, I threw myself into a well of despair, tightly ensnared within HIS slender fingers. I allowed myself to be played like a toy. Tearing a swath of terror in the wake of HIS footsteps. Leaving a sea of blood and tattered limbs behind me in an almost comical charade of purpose and self worth.

But you cannot best that which cannot be bested. Lest you find yourself gripping the fraying seams of your eviscerated organs. Drowning in the horror of HIS ever empty face.

But don't fret my little darlings. For I've found a rather elaborate loophole that I find to be quite..... intoxicating...

Stretching my fingers and bones til they crack. Slitting open this pasty chest and removing all that makes me mortal. Leaving not but skin and bone. I'm becoming quite frantic as I struggle with the lack of lungs and veins. A curved rusted hook a makeshift sewing needle. Stitching... stitching... stitching shut...

Remove my eyes and lips and tongue. Cleft the nose off with a knife. Feel me bleed until I'm dry. Then stuff me whole with thick black leaves.

Keep on stitching shut my face... or lack thereof... with a thick black twine that burns and clings. Feel a smirk fall flat and dead. And chuckle with a twisted glee. Stretching, stretching til bones scream. RElishing the inability to voice my pain.

I have thus become unmade. Adorning rags and scarecrow hat. Twisting and twining with each proud step. I spin around with arms outstretched as black pus pours through seams in streams. And I feel the leaves squirm inside of me.

Oh little children, boys and girls. Avert your eyes from your false fear, and lay them upon HE WHO JUST DESERVES IT!