Thursday, December 15, 2011


Exemplary example of what it takes to screw in a lightbulb.

Should the timing be ascertained as being inadequate, I apologize.

But the future is waning. Drifting by in a gentle gale, dragging all hope and potential and leaving behind a burnt trail of memories and regrets.

If one sets themself apart from the norm.

In a suicidal attempt to defeat the dreaded nightmares that encompass his soul.

Only to realize that the ramifications of such a monstrous confrontation would shatter him down to his very core.

Leaving nothing but an outline of ashes laden across the smoldering ruins of one's former glory.

To put two and two together you must first be provided the tools to do so without being stripped of purpose.

Given reasons. Logic. Refuse to peruse the confines of latency or creativity.

What if there's more to each two than what we see from afar?

When you think about it.

Two plus two equals one.

For you are combining two separate forces, into one single entity.

If I'm a two.

And He's a two.

Then when we collided.

We must have become one.

My previous hypothesis was incorrect.

It was lacking very many aspects.



I was never twisted within the outstretched arms of a monstrosity.

I was never in the presence of my own malformed personas.

It was all me.

All me.

And with that realization. Another is born. One much more grotesque than anything else I could EVER have accepted.

I am The Slenderman.

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