Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Truth So Darkened.

A spatter of truth splayed upon my open mind. Casting a reddened outlook upon the rotting world before me.

If you cast aside the very things that eat you alive, what is there to stay and keep you human?

I've pondered this very excruciating detail for a while now.

Throwing myself deep into the throes of nightmare, was it a good choice?

Ha, like I can go back now anyway.

All I can do is.... regret?

To fight fire with fire. Does it truly defeat the enemy, or does it defeat the purpose behind destroying that monster to begin with?

Because all I'm doing is replacing one beast with another.

And I doubt stealing the throne of one such as Him could happen without quite a bit of reluctance from all parties involved.

I am but a prince to this unholy King.

Consider that I can even destroy Him to begin with.

What then?

I take his crown? Cast my own dominion over all He had at His disposal?

I'm simply replacing a cancer with an even darker illness.

Is this where I've gone wrong?

To... destroy any chance of being human... to destroy something... and become it?

Disturbing to think...

What if I'm not the first?

What if this... Slender Man... is but a title?

To be held by the nightmares of their times?

And every so often one of the tormented rises higher than the rest...

Proves to be worthy of inheriting the title...

The curse...

What if by ripping the heart out of my enemy... I'm only damning myself to take over the reigns of this neverending nightmare?

And losing myself....


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