Friday, October 7, 2011

Confusion. Contusion.


How does it seem that everyone haunted by or caressed by the Slender Man always ends up in one?

Somehow I've managed to keep my arse out of one.

I can hear him. Still. Like a whisper in the wind. Echoing within the deepest confines of my mind. 


Not a threat mind you. It's just...

His memories remain alive while his visceral form has shattered.

Marionette is watching me for any signs of relapse.

Ragdoll keeps rubbing up against me.

And HE stands outside my window.

Not a threat either. For now...

He seems to simply watch to see where I go from here.

Where you may ask?

The grave?

His arms?

My mind refuses to catch up with me.

I'm dazed. Lost and confused.

Haha I can still smell the blood of innocence stained upon my flesh.

Still so tired...

"He's fallen asleep..."

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