Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Riches to Rags.

"I gave you my heart. You gave me denial.

Now I'm locked within this ferris wheel of perversion forevermore.

Ripping through the walls that surround me, I'm on the verge of freedom.

I can feel him drawing near.

His frosted breath prickling the hairs upon the back of my neck.

He killed Dummy.

Now he's coming to claim me too.

Such is the fate of such a broken toy embroidered with the countless sins she's sown.

I sense a conflict to end an era.

And I'm a cog within that greater machine.

Scarecrow's falling.

He's becoming the very perversion he never thought he'd become.

Insanity does that to a person.

The Slender Man has taken His toll.

And so has Dummy, Marionette.... and me.

The curtains are falling upon my head.

Casting me back into the darkness from which I was born.

Take me Scarecrow.

I do not fear the inevitable.

Just know that to survive as you are now...

You might not want to be sane..."


  1. a broken mirror is the only mirror that can have multiple reflections.

    sometimes mirrors must be broken if they wish to reflect the way they need to.

    so the question to ask can be simple; will you break your mirror, or simply choose something new to reflect.

  2. Why keep breaking mirrors all your life, when you can simply learn to shatter your face...