Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Upon my wrists I've carved your name.

Deeper and deeper until finally the blade left the mark upon my bones.

I carve this flesh for you My Lord.

Each severed ounce of flesh just another promise to you.

I will not let you live the same existence as me.

Screaming for your blood to pour like rain amongst the crows.

Drowning me within your death.

My wrists are begging for you.

Why keep them waiting?

I destroyed everything you put before me.

I became exactly what you never wanted me to be.


Am I that much of a beast now that your fear to come near me?

I'm burning to rip you apart.

I yearning to feel my hands rip through you.

Don't make me come after you.

Nothing will prepare you for the shitstorm I will unleash to get my claws around your throat...

You wanted me.

Why'd you ChangE YouR MiNd???


Scarecrow wants to play Mister Slender Man.

Fuck do I want to play......


  1. agony is truth
    mans connection to the living
    i accept it as perfection
    and keep on existing.

    for one can only build.
    once they've torn the walls down.

  2. False, for once the walls have been torn down, what's keeping one from tearing the rest of the world down as well?

  3. nothing is keeping one from tearing the rest down. that is a decision one must make on their own.

    you can be a demon or an angel, you can look like both, but either way,
    you have to decide.

  4. What of the man who chooses to be neither? The walls are safe, sometimes it is best to walk the line while it still exists...

    See you around

  5. Decisions, decisions... It all comes down to decisions.

    I decide to shed my angel wings and unleash the demon that has hollowed me out from within.

    Because sometimes one must give in and become more evil than the one they wish to slaughter in order to finally best them.

    And those who remain within the sanctuary of those walls is well inclined to.

    Just don't ever expect to find somewhere to hide when HE comes peeking in.

  6. All so poetic, good luck exchanging your wings for horns, although I do not sit in the santuary, I meerly stand in the doorway. No fear of being hunted, no need to embrace my dark, but without the scantity or freedom that either choice implies.

    See you around

  7. So all in all that makes you.... quite the indecisive one.

    Just the right amount of pressure and you can easily delve into either world...

  8. i know what its like to stand on the blade of a razor. its a tedious trapeez.

    we all must decide to go down one path in the fork in the road eventually freedom. either that, or you must make your own path in the fork.

    either way, you must move forward.

    even i havent quite paved my road yet. but im working on it.

    however, murderouse bastards making me play puzzle games for my life do not make it easy to focus on said path so....ya know.

    i like the way your mind speaks in symbols artemis. perhaps one day you and i can walk together into the world of the ones who wallow in madness, and discuss the shards of broken mirror that litter the ground and reflect our many broken aspects.

  9. As was once said, I came expecting the road to be paved with gold, and when I got here, I found out three things: First, the streets weren't paved with gold; second, they weren't paved at all: and third, I was expected to pave them.

    And though I am currently a shattered mirrors with many a razored edge, I am slowly pulling myself back together again.

    Best if one's to be insane, He should be insane together.