Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just another rainy day. Washing the sin away. 

I'm sitting with my legs tucked underneath me, staring blankly out onto the porch through the thin glass stormdoor. A small drop of rain splashing against my face every now and then.

I sigh and curl my fingers into fists and rest my chin upon them.

A week has passed since I have last seen Puppet's face. Heard his ragged voice spin words of venom for me to choke upon...

I sigh once more.

It's been raining like this since he disappeared. And it's annoying. 

Marionette absolutely refuses to play even a single game of candyland with me. He just sits around whispering his self righteous lies to himself in the hopes that if he repeats them oft enough they will become true.

Dummy is rarely ever around anymore. And when he does decide to come around to actually see me it's only to beat me against the bedframe continually until I'm begging him to rape me and be done with it.

Mannequin won't even look at me...

A loud crack rips me out of my thoughts and I look to see broken glass where the storm door once was. And upon further exploration I spy a single crow lying upon the porch steps, it's neck bent in the most gruesome of angles.

I watch quietly as it's feet jerk and the poor bird coughs out it's last few painful breaths. It's wings twitching slightly.

I lean in until my nose presses gently upon the broken glass. It distorted the bird behind it's shattered veil, portraying it within a kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes.

Making one crow look like a murder.

The rain then begins to cause it's bubbling blood to swirl beneath it...

I tilt my head to the side and watch it begin to rot with the bare traces of a smile upon my lips.

A long moment passes before it turns to a frown.

"I wish Puppet was here..." I moan and fall back, sprawling myself upon the ground, staring straight up at the ceiling. 

"Everyone seems to want to kill him nowadays..." I say out loud to no one in particular.

"It pains me to say while I may have had a place before him as his enemy. I fear that those days have long since passed... I think I'm all but a pathetic memory anymore..."

I roll onto my side and hug my legs to my chest, closing my eyes tight and burying my face into my knees.

"Who do I have to murder to get some attention around here..."

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