Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost Human.

Opposition felt within the confines of ones own sack of pitiful brain matter.

A constant barrage of images, memories they're called, bickering within my head like a couple of schoolchildren.

I'm drowning doubts in desperation.

Like driving that needle into the nerve endings at the tips of my fingers.


Or successful attempt to make the voices stop?

My... separated minds are... weary, of me.

Of what I have done.

Of what I have chosen to become.

Held together by straw and string.

A macabre scarecrow with a penchant for stalking the ill.

Am I even still human?

Since that night, I faced my inner demons, destroyed the image of me, accepting Dummy back into my mind, severing the control of that damned Slender Man...

I've become..... a monster? All my own?

Heh, Considering all the malevolence and fear I was forced to choke down within the last few months, I wouldn't be surprised the damage something like Him can inflict upon this already shambled mind.

But at what cost to Him aye?

The monstrosity of all monstrosities, That suited angel of death that we've all been so terrified to speak of. Prancing about like a half bit lunatic with a stick up His arse about those who catch the merest of glimpses of Him.

I've always believed that sometimes, to defeat something so evil, you must allow yourself to be consumed by that very same evil, delving as deep as one can, until the darkness that encompasses you is stronger than that of your rivals, so you can truly face it, and rip it's stomach out through it's eyes.

I'll admit, I've done just that.

Just look at me. Heheheh.

Nothing you see could be considered human anymore.

Lest you count this hideously malformed organ that takes residence within my skull.

So to recap the situation.

A Scarecrow with two very broken angels standing on either side of him, and a tall, slender man standing before them, claws writhing as He reaches so longingly at His prey...

The chessboard has been set, pieces placed sporadically across the board with purpose in mind.

I do believe that this situation will be very interesting to see play out.

Will I damn the monster that revels in my nightmares?

Or will I end up crucified in a cornfield?

Tune in to find out....


  1. i wonder who will get checkmate.

    actually, id really find a stalemate more interesting.

    i had the same problem once; so many different reflections, all pieces of one bieng that was shattered by god knows what at satan knows when.
    so far ive paired it down to one, but me and him have a much

    irrelevant. now you have seen hell. you have walked into its cold, frozen, sharp abyss (the christian hell is SO unrealistic) and lived to know true darkness. you know the beast, the question now is do you know how to make the beast tik? and if so, can you make sure the tiking and the toking of the monsters patience doesnt chip away at your very marrow, like a raven at a window tapping away at your mind?

  2. They say that the most dangerous kind of man is one who has nothing to lose.

    Just how much more potent does that make it when that man is no longer human?

    Eventually I will consume what's left of my tattered mind, and by then I will most assuredly understand how to knock one little cog out of place and make both the tiking and the toking stop for good.

    But with both images of Hell and Purgatory seared into my mind.

    All I have left is to burn down heaven.

  3. You would destroy the redemtion you could never have, all to simte to the damnation you no longer fear? Just because he walks taller than the rows does not mean a stalk is your only crucifix. Being a monster is its own punishment, and its own reward, if you make that choice then little else matters.

    Awating your poetic reply