Monday, November 7, 2011


It's unfortunate, but I've found myself backstepping my potential victory to deal with the stragglers within my head.

Ragdoll.... Marionette... Fell back into silence after I had eviscerated Dummy and then aptly assimilated him back into my mind.

Time has faded the memory, henceforth giving them the strength and determination to attempt to 'repair' me like I'm some broken toy.

I was 'this' close to fulfilling my dream. Now it's shattered and I'll need to respond to my fractured grey matter before I can get the duct tape and put it back together.

Razors and wolves, a voracious plot.
Cast down from heaven with all sins forgot.
With devils slain and Satan reborn.
We are left wretched and broken and worn.

The gears within my mind are working the cogs of thought and spinning together a plan to murder myself. And bring forth a..... salvation of sorts.

The Slender Man, unwitting member in this play of bloody puppets, the centerpiece, a mannequin.

Oh how divine. It is a nice representation of him.

Now let's make Him play dead...


  1. the death of a god is sweet.

  2. But the death of a devil is sweeter...