Monday, October 31, 2011


A thin veil of paper does little to eliminate what seethes beneath. Like a cheap plastic bandage draped over a gaping wound.

You can cover it up with whatever you want. But that won't ever change the fact that it's still there.

Stabbed with needles. Prodded with cold apparatus. Never had I felt more at home but in the warm embrace of this bonding straightjacket.

The Slender Man's petty children thought they could figure out what was 'wrong' with me.

I showed them what was wrong with them.

The first encounter with my nemesis after our.... separation of church and state...


But interesting.

When two forces of such concentrated fear and madness meet.

The repercussions of the surrounding reality cannot withstand such... strain.

Everything in that place died.

..........And it was because of me.


He wasn't prepared for what I had done to myself.

He unfortunately retreated before I could show Him EVERYTHING.


I'm in lust with this darkness. I'm not sure I'm going to even shed it once my goal is acquired......

Who would willingly give up such power?

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