Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I sold my soul to the devil the second I sent that proxy into the bowels of hell.

My footsteps are echoing upon the crumbling pavement beneath me. The gravel crunching beneath my shoes as the terrain transforms.

Time has freed me from it's damning embrace. Whether it be for better or for worse, I'm struggling to keep reality within my grasp. But it just keeps slipping further and further into desolation.

The early frosting of the grass paints my shoes slick, random drops of dew pelt me from the curtain of trees draped above me. Only the slightest rays of moonlight barely penetrating the thick canopy.

I hear his footsteps chasing me. Thundering within my ears as each damning step grows louder. The adrenaline within my blood laced with the fear of his catching up.

Madness seeps into my bones. Chilling my marrow with it's frighteningly freeing expression. Every sane thought growing weaker beneath insanity's vile grip.

The trees claw at my arms and face. Drawing blood and leaving scars. The children's screaming. The devil's laughter. His coiling appendages ripping at me like the branches of these dying trees.

I'm just a collection of dolls. Trapped within this menagerie of self destruction. Marionette, Dummy, Ragdoll, Puppet, Scarecrow, Mannequin... I unleashed these nightmarish sects of my personal mentality in order to please my fantasies, satisfy my cravings, and ultimately destroy the shy, emotional child I once was.

The wind's whispered distortion echoes through the forest. Every which way I look I see Him watching. Silently witnessing my descent into madness. My useless plight to escape the hold Dummy has placed upon me.

I feel his vicious talons brushing gainst my throat, begging to be the first to spill the blood so many crave to own. I'm brought to the center of an open field. The tall grass hiding what could be hidden beneath.

I close my eyes and take one long painful breath. At long last I stand still once more. Felt as though I've been running for days. A simple rustle emanates from behind me and I bow my head in silence.

I open my eyes ever slowly, slowly turn around, and face the demonic apparition of Dummy, The ever imposing figure of the Slender Man standing beside him.

I admit that my chances at survival are growing ever.... slim.

And yet as I stand there faced with my inevitable fate...

A smirk slips across my face...

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