Friday, September 2, 2011


"I Am The Inner Demon You So Crave To Hate. I Am The Creature Staring Back At you Through Seams Of A Broken Mirror. You Let Him Create Me, From The Splintered Shards Of Your Fractured Mind. 

I've Cut The Strings That Have Bound You To The Masses. Each Slit String A Detached Memory Of Your Salvation. I Have Freed You From The Depraved Shackles Of YOur HEart.

No Longer Do You Have To Lose Sleep And Sanity From The Corrosive Fears Of That Pathetic Slender Man. No Longer Do YOu Need To Fear The Beasts He Sends Scurrying Your Way.

Close Your Eyes. And Let Me Consume You. Forget Your Troubles. Your Pains. Your Voyeuristic Attempts At Reconciliation. Just Give IN To Me.

GiVe In tO InSanIty.

Only THen WilL You LonGeR bE FEARing. BuT InSTeaD BE FEARED.

We WiLL BeComE oNe.

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