Monday, October 21, 2013

A degenerate caricature of broken bones and ink stains.

Cybernetic trickles of static blood traveling the distance given by metallic veins.

Granting life to the technical apparatus sitting silently across from me, a hardline injecting freedom into the cracked laptop still struggling to keep a whisper of a soul inside it.

My eyes glow red against the glare of blinding L.E.D.

A crooked claw branching out to type in a few specific keys before slamming triumphantly down upon 'ENTER'.

A razorwire smile rips across my ragged face, a static drenched screen strains itself to ignite my barren desktop. Desperately loading two programs that sit centered a pitch black background.

One a txt. document whose innards shalt never be spilled.

The other one a gateway, an icon,

Google Chrome.