Sunday, September 11, 2011


"Blessed are they the angels that fall..."

I'm whispering quietly to the raven watching me from through the window.

"Damned are they the demons that rise..."

I mirror the raven when it cocks it's head. Smiling a little as it proceeds to mock a song.

"Lest the shadows set you free the ties that bind will forever remain..."

A soft crack echoes within hearing the sends the pretty raven into flight.

Lost from view and lost from mind. I sigh and glance for the cause of that sound.

Bare seconds pass before my eyes scan a hooded figure peeking out from just passed the fence that leads into that ill-fated valley.

"Beware the watchful eyes of the unnerving and undeserving..."

I'm staring the watcher down through the thin veil of glass. Eyes grown cold. Posture frozen.

"He can't see you." Marionette growls from behind me.

"Then why does it stare?" I query and he sighs.

"Merely awaiting the moment Scarecrow makes his reappearance."

I look away from the masked figure and cast my wide eyes upon the spindly figure of Marionette.

"I miss Puppet...." I whimper but he remains as emotionless as ever.

"Dummy has him now." He replies coldly, refusing to return my gaze.

I wince at his response.

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