Friday, September 9, 2011


Looking down upon my hands. The bloody maggots seething from beneath my flesh. Long trails of a thick yellow pus frothing from the holes they leave behind.

I clench my fists, hearing the sickening pops of the maggots from underneath the pale flesh.

I shut my eyes tight and begin to shake.

"Make it stop?" Dummy is chuckling as he crouches down beside me, that demonic smirk ripping those lips open far too wide...

My eyes stare back at him with a hatred oh so palpable.

His smirk widens and his razored teeth draw blood from his gums as he stands back up and snaps his fingers.

And in a depraved unison my ribs twist outward towards him, tearing through my skin and opening a gateway for the rivers of red to pour incessantly down my chest.

"Two little words can end this torment Puppet." He leans into my ear. "Two. Little. Words."

I stare back at him once more and let out a ragged response.

"Everything you do to me is child's play compared to what the Slender Man did to me..."

His face ices over and all expression disperses from his face. Only to return seconds later brimming with an almost inhuman rage.

"Why do you do that to me? Don't you understand how much I despise being compared to him?" 

I see a pain cross his face.

Soon do I mirror that pain, as he then proceeds to peel my flesh away, embedding slivers of broken razorblades into my marrow.

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