Monday, October 31, 2011


A thin veil of paper does little to eliminate what seethes beneath. Like a cheap plastic bandage draped over a gaping wound.

You can cover it up with whatever you want. But that won't ever change the fact that it's still there.

Stabbed with needles. Prodded with cold apparatus. Never had I felt more at home but in the warm embrace of this bonding straightjacket.

The Slender Man's petty children thought they could figure out what was 'wrong' with me.

I showed them what was wrong with them.

The first encounter with my nemesis after our.... separation of church and state...


But interesting.

When two forces of such concentrated fear and madness meet.

The repercussions of the surrounding reality cannot withstand such... strain.

Everything in that place died.

..........And it was because of me.


He wasn't prepared for what I had done to myself.

He unfortunately retreated before I could show Him EVERYTHING.


I'm in lust with this darkness. I'm not sure I'm going to even shed it once my goal is acquired......

Who would willingly give up such power?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost Human.

Opposition felt within the confines of ones own sack of pitiful brain matter.

A constant barrage of images, memories they're called, bickering within my head like a couple of schoolchildren.

I'm drowning doubts in desperation.

Like driving that needle into the nerve endings at the tips of my fingers.


Or successful attempt to make the voices stop?

My... separated minds are... weary, of me.

Of what I have done.

Of what I have chosen to become.

Held together by straw and string.

A macabre scarecrow with a penchant for stalking the ill.

Am I even still human?

Since that night, I faced my inner demons, destroyed the image of me, accepting Dummy back into my mind, severing the control of that damned Slender Man...

I've become..... a monster? All my own?

Heh, Considering all the malevolence and fear I was forced to choke down within the last few months, I wouldn't be surprised the damage something like Him can inflict upon this already shambled mind.

But at what cost to Him aye?

The monstrosity of all monstrosities, That suited angel of death that we've all been so terrified to speak of. Prancing about like a half bit lunatic with a stick up His arse about those who catch the merest of glimpses of Him.

I've always believed that sometimes, to defeat something so evil, you must allow yourself to be consumed by that very same evil, delving as deep as one can, until the darkness that encompasses you is stronger than that of your rivals, so you can truly face it, and rip it's stomach out through it's eyes.

I'll admit, I've done just that.

Just look at me. Heheheh.

Nothing you see could be considered human anymore.

Lest you count this hideously malformed organ that takes residence within my skull.

So to recap the situation.

A Scarecrow with two very broken angels standing on either side of him, and a tall, slender man standing before them, claws writhing as He reaches so longingly at His prey...

The chessboard has been set, pieces placed sporadically across the board with purpose in mind.

I do believe that this situation will be very interesting to see play out.

Will I damn the monster that revels in my nightmares?

Or will I end up crucified in a cornfield?

Tune in to find out....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Upon my wrists I've carved your name.

Deeper and deeper until finally the blade left the mark upon my bones.

I carve this flesh for you My Lord.

Each severed ounce of flesh just another promise to you.

I will not let you live the same existence as me.

Screaming for your blood to pour like rain amongst the crows.

Drowning me within your death.

My wrists are begging for you.

Why keep them waiting?

I destroyed everything you put before me.

I became exactly what you never wanted me to be.


Am I that much of a beast now that your fear to come near me?

I'm burning to rip you apart.

I yearning to feel my hands rip through you.

Don't make me come after you.

Nothing will prepare you for the shitstorm I will unleash to get my claws around your throat...

You wanted me.

Why'd you ChangE YouR MiNd???


Scarecrow wants to play Mister Slender Man.

Fuck do I want to play......

Friday, October 14, 2011


"I've slit the angel's dying throat. Watching with an intense fascination as all it's life comes flowing out in one foul stream.

The way it creeps along such succulent flesh like a worming caterpillar upon a leaf.

I used to love the way you touched me. I used to enjoy all the ways you abused me.

Now you're dead.

Dead like the rest.

And so I write a requiem for you to browse in vain.

Screaming such profanity that it distorts and reeks of agony.

You had your chance to own me.

I looked towards you like my child.

Yet you cast me down like an unworthy god. Taking my place upon the pedestal of MY design.

I gave you wings.

You removed mine.

Crippling me like a worn out toy, falling apart after so many years of use.

I'm just a shadow now. A shadow of my former glory.

Will I ever reclaim the place I so rightfully deserve?

I doubt I ever will.

Because of YOU.

Destroying my twisted reality with a flick of your misbegotten wrist.

Spreading the black blood of a dying soul. Sending me hurtling downwards and into the role of a thrall.

I wanted to see you burn.

Yet Puppet forgave you.

Now he looks towards Him.

That sneer splitting wide his tattered face.

There will be blood. There will be death.

Once the Scarecrow and the Mannequin meet.

Nothing will survive.

Not even me..." 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The slender hands of the devil fit so well around my throat.

Almost as if they belong there.

Day in. Day out. My eyes are glancing towards windows. My mind making a mental note towards every possible exit whenever I enter a room.

I await His next appearance with a strange fascination.

Like that of two old rivals meeting once again.


My time upon his palm has ended.

His reign upon my mind lifted.

Yet not his curse.


Forever shall I be ensnared within his nightmarish wrath.

Until I dance with the devil near.

I am His my dear, my dear.

A web I weave of hopeful dreams. To be free. To be one. To be the wielder of my own fate again.

But no.

Tis this demon's curse to forever live in fear of his devilish master.

Yet as I live in fear, I will exist in retaliation.

He may own me.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to take it lying down.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Confusion. Contusion.


How does it seem that everyone haunted by or caressed by the Slender Man always ends up in one?

Somehow I've managed to keep my arse out of one.

I can hear him. Still. Like a whisper in the wind. Echoing within the deepest confines of my mind. 


Not a threat mind you. It's just...

His memories remain alive while his visceral form has shattered.

Marionette is watching me for any signs of relapse.

Ragdoll keeps rubbing up against me.

And HE stands outside my window.

Not a threat either. For now...

He seems to simply watch to see where I go from here.

Where you may ask?

The grave?

His arms?

My mind refuses to catch up with me.

I'm dazed. Lost and confused.

Haha I can still smell the blood of innocence stained upon my flesh.

Still so tired...

"He's fallen asleep..."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome Home

Blinding lights are tearing apart everything I see. 

The colors of crimson spattering the forefront of my mind with a pain so blinding my straining vocals screamed for release.

His eyes. HIS EYES.

I knew I was dying. I knew that familiar plummeting feeling all too well. The feeling of falling into the shadow's cold, loving embrace.

I'm pushing. Forward. With all my might.

Feeling the flesh stretch away from my bones. The ripping of the sinew, the snapping of the bones.

My mental state was cracking under the strain of this imprisonment.

Dummy so fucking bitch.

I will kill you. I swear to god I will destroy you.

What you've turned me into.

I'm tearing open my eyes. The rotting yarn shredding my eyelids.

My lips ripping open with the screams of the anguished.

"I'm freeing myself from you."

His eyes burned with the hatred of a thousand dying men.

"You Can FUCKING Try."

Blood thus pours forth from his eyes. Cascading down his face and staining the ground with the poison of his mind.

My mind.

I can feel the devil's wings enfolding upon me.

Oh how he wishes to add me to his armies.

I've proved to be such a controllable puppet.


My eyes flare with the overflowing rage I've kept sealed within me for too long.


The declaration rips through this torrential veil of pain and suffering.

Ripping like knife through flesh.

Severing the ties that bound me to His damning fingers.

Dummy's face is torn away is a rainfall of blood. Revealing a gruesome sight.


Distorted with the hatred of being forced into a role I never wished to inherit.


I could feel His tentacles writhing within the corners of my eyes.

He KNEW what was happening. And by GOD did He not like it.

"For.....Forgive me...." 

Those last choking words slipped from Dummy's mouth, bringing my attention back towards him.

I thrust out my hand and grasp his throat and pull him towards me.

"Forgive myself?" 

I squeeze my grasping hand until I hear a snap. Dummy explodes into ashes before me. Dispersing into every direction like a darkened snow.

I clench my hand into fist and pull it towards my chest.

"I forgive you."

Suddenly the pain intensifies and I throw my head towards the heavens.

Screaming in pain as I'm ripped out of this mental threshold and thrown back into reality.

Landing in a heap upon the cold, dewy grass.

All becomes calm at long last.

And I lay there, the feeling of the icy ground seeping into my bones.

It felt nice.

I roll over onto my back and look up into the nighttime skies.

The millions upon millions of stars twinkling down upon me.

How long have I been gone?

How long has it been?

Out of the corner of my eye I see Marionette standing quietly with a huge smirk pasted upon his face, Ragdoll clinging to his side with curious eyes pointed towards me.

Marionette holds out a hand to me.

"Welcome back."