Monday, September 19, 2011


Whispers weak within my throat
As the beasts inside me gloat
Beating down my sense of mind
Causing me to then unwind
Flicking coins into a well
Casting wishes down to hell
Leaning in towards all desire
Careless not to see the fire
Truth then sets my tongue aflame
At the mention of His name
Set like Alice, Underland
Heart ripped out by His slim hand
Holding me tied to His wrath
Forced to walk this wicked path
But what He just doesn't see
The freak that dwells inside of me
Slit these ties sewn from my flesh
Open wounds that smell so fresh
They don't know just what I am
Frankly, I don't give a damn
I warned you all time and again
That I am simply too insane...

Saturday, September 17, 2011


The world keeps changing around me. 

Ripping apart all that I knew and replacing it with a horrific abstract replica.

I know something is wrong. I know I'm not in the right frame of mind.

Yet I can't quite put my finger on it.

Like a name stuck firmly to the tip off one's tongue.

I crave to suffer that realization to awake my mind and open my eyes. 

Dummy just keeps plunging me further into this infernal abyss of my eternal thought.

Wrapped within the chains of my own imagination.

I'm reaching for the lightswitch. Yearning to flip it and cast the light on within my brain, expelling the darkness into oblivion and releasing myself from this damning existence.

I'm clawing for the scissors.

I'm going to cut these strings.

But until then I'll just keep cutting throats.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


The soaking rain pelts me like acid rain.

It's freezing temperatures and the lashing wind turning the droplets into bullets.

My head is hung in a deadly silence, the wind whipping my hair amidst my emotionless face.

The tightened straps from this straightjacket digging into my flesh. Causing an enjoyable burning sensation from all the places on my chest and forearms it has rubbed raw.

Dummy's violent face leans in to my left.

"I'm loosening the slack upon your strings for this one Puppet..."

A small smirk plays upon my lips, my eyelids twitch.

"That's right.... It's just one Runner. So enjoy yourself..."

I could feel that jagged smile pasted upon Dummy's ever distorting face boring into me.

The ties that bind me suddenly loosen, my arms falling to my sides.

Within less than a second they are brandishing knives. Glittering so beautifully like stars within the rain. Dripping with water soon to be stained red...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


"Blessed are they the angels that fall..."

I'm whispering quietly to the raven watching me from through the window.

"Damned are they the demons that rise..."

I mirror the raven when it cocks it's head. Smiling a little as it proceeds to mock a song.

"Lest the shadows set you free the ties that bind will forever remain..."

A soft crack echoes within hearing the sends the pretty raven into flight.

Lost from view and lost from mind. I sigh and glance for the cause of that sound.

Bare seconds pass before my eyes scan a hooded figure peeking out from just passed the fence that leads into that ill-fated valley.

"Beware the watchful eyes of the unnerving and undeserving..."

I'm staring the watcher down through the thin veil of glass. Eyes grown cold. Posture frozen.

"He can't see you." Marionette growls from behind me.

"Then why does it stare?" I query and he sighs.

"Merely awaiting the moment Scarecrow makes his reappearance."

I look away from the masked figure and cast my wide eyes upon the spindly figure of Marionette.

"I miss Puppet...." I whimper but he remains as emotionless as ever.

"Dummy has him now." He replies coldly, refusing to return my gaze.

I wince at his response.

Saturday, September 10, 2011



Those words slip past the tears flowing steady down my grief stricken face.

"Don't make me do this."

Those pleading words repeated. Over and over and over and over.

"What makes you think you have a choice?"

The Slender Man observes silently from the corner of the room.

"I don't have a choice." I whisper with a broken voice.

"No choice." Dummy echoes in my ear.

The muffled gasps escape through the seams of the duct tape, drawing my gaze.

A girl. So young. So pretty.

"No choice." 

"You'll enjoy it I promise." He promises and rests his hand reassuringly upon mine.

My fingers clench upon the knife.

Her pale blue eyes widen. 

Unfortunate for her. She's just a poor unfortunate soul tied to a chair while a pathetic madman talks to himself as he flaunts a blade.

Poor child hasn't even become aware enough to see Him yet.

"Kiss her goodnight for me." Dummy says and steps back to stand beside the Slender Man.

I step towards the girl.

Her muffles screams inject adrenaline into my veins. Spreading like a violent infection through my bloodstream. Setting the hairs upon my arms on edge. Setting my teeth between a depraved smile slowly tearing open my face.

My ragged breath is laced with an intense excitement.

Each step earning a delightful cry that sends chills up my spine.

Until finally I tower before her. A behemoth before a child.

She looks up at me begging eyes. Tears streaming like rivers down her hallow cheeks.

My eyes look down upon her with such a void for humanity I looked almost unreal.

A puppet.

I raise my blade...

She whimpers...

I smile.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Looking down upon my hands. The bloody maggots seething from beneath my flesh. Long trails of a thick yellow pus frothing from the holes they leave behind.

I clench my fists, hearing the sickening pops of the maggots from underneath the pale flesh.

I shut my eyes tight and begin to shake.

"Make it stop?" Dummy is chuckling as he crouches down beside me, that demonic smirk ripping those lips open far too wide...

My eyes stare back at him with a hatred oh so palpable.

His smirk widens and his razored teeth draw blood from his gums as he stands back up and snaps his fingers.

And in a depraved unison my ribs twist outward towards him, tearing through my skin and opening a gateway for the rivers of red to pour incessantly down my chest.

"Two little words can end this torment Puppet." He leans into my ear. "Two. Little. Words."

I stare back at him once more and let out a ragged response.

"Everything you do to me is child's play compared to what the Slender Man did to me..."

His face ices over and all expression disperses from his face. Only to return seconds later brimming with an almost inhuman rage.

"Why do you do that to me? Don't you understand how much I despise being compared to him?" 

I see a pain cross his face.

Soon do I mirror that pain, as he then proceeds to peel my flesh away, embedding slivers of broken razorblades into my marrow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just another rainy day. Washing the sin away. 

I'm sitting with my legs tucked underneath me, staring blankly out onto the porch through the thin glass stormdoor. A small drop of rain splashing against my face every now and then.

I sigh and curl my fingers into fists and rest my chin upon them.

A week has passed since I have last seen Puppet's face. Heard his ragged voice spin words of venom for me to choke upon...

I sigh once more.

It's been raining like this since he disappeared. And it's annoying. 

Marionette absolutely refuses to play even a single game of candyland with me. He just sits around whispering his self righteous lies to himself in the hopes that if he repeats them oft enough they will become true.

Dummy is rarely ever around anymore. And when he does decide to come around to actually see me it's only to beat me against the bedframe continually until I'm begging him to rape me and be done with it.

Mannequin won't even look at me...

A loud crack rips me out of my thoughts and I look to see broken glass where the storm door once was. And upon further exploration I spy a single crow lying upon the porch steps, it's neck bent in the most gruesome of angles.

I watch quietly as it's feet jerk and the poor bird coughs out it's last few painful breaths. It's wings twitching slightly.

I lean in until my nose presses gently upon the broken glass. It distorted the bird behind it's shattered veil, portraying it within a kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes.

Making one crow look like a murder.

The rain then begins to cause it's bubbling blood to swirl beneath it...

I tilt my head to the side and watch it begin to rot with the bare traces of a smile upon my lips.

A long moment passes before it turns to a frown.

"I wish Puppet was here..." I moan and fall back, sprawling myself upon the ground, staring straight up at the ceiling. 

"Everyone seems to want to kill him nowadays..." I say out loud to no one in particular.

"It pains me to say while I may have had a place before him as his enemy. I fear that those days have long since passed... I think I'm all but a pathetic memory anymore..."

I roll onto my side and hug my legs to my chest, closing my eyes tight and burying my face into my knees.

"Who do I have to murder to get some attention around here..."


I sold my soul to the devil the second I sent that proxy into the bowels of hell.

My footsteps are echoing upon the crumbling pavement beneath me. The gravel crunching beneath my shoes as the terrain transforms.

Time has freed me from it's damning embrace. Whether it be for better or for worse, I'm struggling to keep reality within my grasp. But it just keeps slipping further and further into desolation.

The early frosting of the grass paints my shoes slick, random drops of dew pelt me from the curtain of trees draped above me. Only the slightest rays of moonlight barely penetrating the thick canopy.

I hear his footsteps chasing me. Thundering within my ears as each damning step grows louder. The adrenaline within my blood laced with the fear of his catching up.

Madness seeps into my bones. Chilling my marrow with it's frighteningly freeing expression. Every sane thought growing weaker beneath insanity's vile grip.

The trees claw at my arms and face. Drawing blood and leaving scars. The children's screaming. The devil's laughter. His coiling appendages ripping at me like the branches of these dying trees.

I'm just a collection of dolls. Trapped within this menagerie of self destruction. Marionette, Dummy, Ragdoll, Puppet, Scarecrow, Mannequin... I unleashed these nightmarish sects of my personal mentality in order to please my fantasies, satisfy my cravings, and ultimately destroy the shy, emotional child I once was.

The wind's whispered distortion echoes through the forest. Every which way I look I see Him watching. Silently witnessing my descent into madness. My useless plight to escape the hold Dummy has placed upon me.

I feel his vicious talons brushing gainst my throat, begging to be the first to spill the blood so many crave to own. I'm brought to the center of an open field. The tall grass hiding what could be hidden beneath.

I close my eyes and take one long painful breath. At long last I stand still once more. Felt as though I've been running for days. A simple rustle emanates from behind me and I bow my head in silence.

I open my eyes ever slowly, slowly turn around, and face the demonic apparition of Dummy, The ever imposing figure of the Slender Man standing beside him.

I admit that my chances at survival are growing ever.... slim.

And yet as I stand there faced with my inevitable fate...

A smirk slips across my face...

Sunday, September 4, 2011


cUT tHE sTrINGS tHAt bInD yOUr souL. fRee tHe sInS YoU aLL bUt stOLe. sLiT tHe mINdS insidE yOU frEE. wiTH a sIcK lOBOtomy. yoU kEep fIghtiNG evERy lIE. liKE a cockROACH you WON't die.

aND yOU wIll BEG fOR iT.

Friday, September 2, 2011


"I Am The Inner Demon You So Crave To Hate. I Am The Creature Staring Back At you Through Seams Of A Broken Mirror. You Let Him Create Me, From The Splintered Shards Of Your Fractured Mind. 

I've Cut The Strings That Have Bound You To The Masses. Each Slit String A Detached Memory Of Your Salvation. I Have Freed You From The Depraved Shackles Of YOur HEart.

No Longer Do You Have To Lose Sleep And Sanity From The Corrosive Fears Of That Pathetic Slender Man. No Longer Do YOu Need To Fear The Beasts He Sends Scurrying Your Way.

Close Your Eyes. And Let Me Consume You. Forget Your Troubles. Your Pains. Your Voyeuristic Attempts At Reconciliation. Just Give IN To Me.

GiVe In tO InSanIty.

Only THen WilL You LonGeR bE FEARing. BuT InSTeaD BE FEARED.

We WiLL BeComE oNe.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


A cool autumn breeze flows gently across my face. Sending it's haunting chill deep into the darkest recesses of my bones. Turning my marrow to ice. My breath to fog.

My fingers trace the gaping hole that's bleeding so profusely from my side, trailing the torn flesh that screamed from the stinging bite of the September air, before lightly brushing gainst bone.

My eyes open.

The moonlight kisses my cheek. A crescent smile draped across it's face.

A long shadow had cast itself before me, that low foreboding thrum sounding within my ears.

I take a deep breath, then face the Slender Man as He stood quietly before me.

We stay like that for a long moment.

Simply... staring... watching... waiting...

Until I take notice to the body lying motionless at his feet.

My heart skips a beat.

His head twitches angrily. And He reaches out a single, long, pale finger...

And pushes it deep into my wound.

The pain that's injected into the nerve endings of my mind cause me to writhe from his horrific touch. A soft moan that reverberated a pitiful compliance to the injury afflicted upon me.

He removed his appendage, the contrasting red shone as scarlet against the pale flesh it painted within the dreary moonlight.

For yet another moment we continue our wordless conversation. Not a sound uttered but our thoughts understood.

And thus He turned and strode off into the night. Leaving me to bleed out with only a mere glimpse of the hatred he felt towards me burned into the forefront of my mind.

I close my eyes once more, resting my head upon the cold, dewy grass beneath. Reveling in the feeling of it soaking through my hair.

"Wake me up when September ends..."

And gladly, sleep slips in and steals me away into a nightmarish world of countless fascinations...