Thursday, September 15, 2011


The soaking rain pelts me like acid rain.

It's freezing temperatures and the lashing wind turning the droplets into bullets.

My head is hung in a deadly silence, the wind whipping my hair amidst my emotionless face.

The tightened straps from this straightjacket digging into my flesh. Causing an enjoyable burning sensation from all the places on my chest and forearms it has rubbed raw.

Dummy's violent face leans in to my left.

"I'm loosening the slack upon your strings for this one Puppet..."

A small smirk plays upon my lips, my eyelids twitch.

"That's right.... It's just one Runner. So enjoy yourself..."

I could feel that jagged smile pasted upon Dummy's ever distorting face boring into me.

The ties that bind me suddenly loosen, my arms falling to my sides.

Within less than a second they are brandishing knives. Glittering so beautifully like stars within the rain. Dripping with water soon to be stained red...

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  1. cute. Thinking you're quite the proxy now eh? stop being ignorant to what's happening around you and take a fucking look before everyone gives up on you.