Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Be wary.

The very ground you tread upon is laden with raven leaves.
A constant reminder of the constant terror you are forced to endure on a regular basis with no clue as to whether or not your freedom to live will ever be realized.
For as long as you hold the hand of that with torments you.
Forever you are damned to be a puppet amongst the menagerie of broken toys.
Bleeding a frothy scarlet from betwixt the shattered bones and hastily sewn flesh that only ever allows humanity to leak through in the forms of tears and lament.
Fix me with your gaze and promise the mornings coming.
Promise that out of all the pain I have been forced to succumb to will finally slip away like the very love I've hoped to protect.
I'm menacing within my own outstretched arms.
Each finger a riddle that refuses to tip off the child as to it's ailment.
He beckons for meat and sufferance.
I've given him just that.
And yet through all the boundless treacheries that fate can steal away into your lungs.
I'm left shivering in a cold sweat that never seems to take it's leave.
For I am an eternal curse.
Draped upon the boundaries of tHis world and the next.
Come sit with me awhile.
I believe these injuries are only ever skin deep.