Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A kaleidoscope of blood and feathers.

An angel's taken it's final breaths.

Silence falls upon bloodied rags as breath's drawn no more.


Naught but a sodding memory to dwell forever within the confines of this unhinged mind.

Feed it a fucking cookie every now and again to give it a perpetual sense of purpose so it'll keep it's bloody trap shut.

Now to take a few more moments to come to terms with Marionette and all affairs should be in order.

And I can continue my unfinished 'transaction' with my business partner...

Wrapped in wings, an asphyxiated angel screams.
A liar's tale.
Keeping with the theme of things.
A thieve's landing upon your lips .
Casting a glow.
The deed's you sow.
Loose lips to sink the ships.
A simple slit to do the trick.
I doubt the demon's seem to care.
Caught with nothing but thin air.
Given time and stolen grace.
The devil's children granted face.

Hmm... I hear my vocals screaming again.

I need the thread and needle...


  1. hate

    they fucking disgust me. i want to kill them. and once i lose this ball&chain i will begin to claw and maim.

  2. Welcome to my hell. Freedom seems to be a fickle muse to master.