Friday, August 26, 2011


"You idiot."

"You were the one who set Him off."

"You didn't close the door."

"Like that would stop Him?"

"Would have slowed Him down."

"I highly doubt that."

I raise an eyebrow at Marionette. The last couple of days we have somehow become a sort of team. Always sticking together. Maybe I'm still unconsciously too scared to be alone. Maybe I'm just that far too gone.

Whatever if is we're stuck together for the time being.

"Have you noticed that He appears to be alot more pissed off at us than usual?"  I ask him.

"I doubt He would just take Ragdoll's manipulation of Him without getting at least a little pissed."

I look at him for a brief second, let out a breath then walk over to the window and pull the blinds aside, revealing a flood of tendrils clawing angrily at the glass.

"I'm thinking He may be a little more than simply 'pissed'." I reply and drop the blinds.

"Why doesn't He just go after Ragdoll?" I continue before shutting my mouth. Unfortunately my idiotic statement had already been spoken, and Marionette spent no time jumping upon the opportunity.

"Because Ragdoll IS you dumbass. He can't kill her because she technically doesn't exist. You though, DO exist. So He just kills you and turns you into a macabre tree ornament and kills the rest of us as well. It's the only way."

I cast him a blank stare. "Okay, now can you put that in a folder and label it 'Shit I Already Know'? For fuck's sake Marionette, We have more pressing matters to deal with at this particular moment."

And thus I see that classic sneer slit open his face.

"In actuality, YOU have pressing matters to take care of, I just work here."

I perch myself on the edge of my bed and stare at the shadows cast from the tendrils outside weave and swirl like a strange kaleidoscope nightmare.

"Why doesn't He just appear in here like he always does?" I say, mostly to myself.

"He must still be waiting for something..."

I glance over and see Marionette's face etched deeply with worry.

"We really need to find Ragdoll don't we?" 

After a moment he looks over at me.

"Now more than ever..."

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