Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Slender Man.

Afraid to open the wooden door
That leads out to the night
Though my stomachs feeling sick
All I can do is write

Scared to glance out in the dark
To those decrepit woods
Scared to take one haunted look
To where the Slender Man stood

In this room I hear it's call
Kid's laughter in the wind
I hear it moving in the night
Tears fall cause I am pinned

Images of a faceless man
Rip apart my dreams
Slowly drawn towards madness
I feel my ripping seams

I cower in this nightmare
The Slender Man in sight
His many arms draw towards me
All I can do...

Is write.


  1. That's not all you can do! Run! Stop fearing him! All he can do is kill you! Thats it! And I hate to break it to you, but life's going to kill you anyway.

  2. Unfortunately I have always been stubborn. I don't run unless my life is threatened. Because even if we all die in the end anyway. A certain primal instinct to survive can inject us with the urge to move when we need it.

  3. Dude, what sort of disaster with leaving put you through? What's there to be stubborn about? Why wait till your life's in danger and it's already too late. Just leave.

  4. Unfortunately. It became too late the second I started this blog and created Ragdoll.

    I've always been known to run. It's always been one of the few things I'm good at. But I don't want to run. Not from this. Because then it will just descend into a lifeless existence of jumping from place to place, always looking over my shoulder, simply waiting for the day the Slender Man, or Marionette, or Ragdoll, or Dummy, fuck even my depressed state of mind finally bests me and I end up plastered to a tree or blowing my brains out.

    I'd rather fight and show I have some bit of pride within myself to stand up and face what I've done instead of living up to my reputation as a coward with a sharp tongue.

  5. You can fight. But seriously, I think you should at least move around for a little bit or your going to get killed.

    You don't have to run, but just be realistic.

  6. You make a point. But unfortunately I don't think I have the strength to stand and fight something like this. Not while I'm in such bad state.

    I like to think I move around quite a bit when pacing for hours within the confines of my room heh.

    Wow a joke. That's new.

    I've never been realistic, I've always been overrun by an overactive imagination.