Saturday, August 27, 2011


Small droplets of rain were hitting my face with soft plops. I felt sharp stones digging into my spine. Once more I open my eyes.

The sky. Grey like it has always been.

I tried to move. But my body screamed no.

"You fell..." a soft voice explains out of sight.

I slowly turn my head until I see Ragdoll's big brown eyes looking into mine.

"I did did I?" I reply and she looks up at the two story roof.

"You left your shoe up there..." She says quietly.

I follow her gaze and stare at the lip of the roof where I had fallen from.

Surely a fall from that height should have killed me?

"He caught you..." She answers and I look back at her.

"The Slender Man caught you..." She explained further.

An eyebrow is raised. "He did did He?" 

She looks at me.

"I think I made a mistake with making Dummy..."

I gasp, "You Think?"

Her look turns to a glare.

"You're not helping the situation at all with your idiotic sarcasm..."

I sit up painfully and cast an angry stare at her.

"After what you have done? You GAVE me to the Slender Man!" I shout and she cringes.

"He did exactly what I had tricked Him into doing. You just had to be so unstable. He found hurting you more enjoyable than I had originally planned..."

She looks away.

"Didn't help that you are a masochist..."

I actually felt a smirk sneak it's way onto my face.

"Ol' Slendy found enjoyment in my fetish eh?" I chuckle and she sighs.

"What are you going to do about Dummy?" She asks seriously.

I furrow my brow.

"I have no fucking clue."

For the first time in a while I hear her laugh.

"Little Scare-crow doesn't know how to fend of fear..."


  1. I'm... so sorry. I don't know how to help.

  2. It's alright. You seem to have alot on your plate right now as well.

    These are just the trials we must conquer as we struggle through His reign.