Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My feet crush the iced over grass beneath them with a satisfying crunch as each tentative step carries me towards the whispers.

Ragdoll skipped around me playfully, her naked feet making no sound amongst the grass and weeds that littered what was conceived to apparently be my backyard.

"This is quite fun is it not Puppet? Who knows what awaits us once we leave the sheltered haven of your porch light..."

The lingering uneasiness permeated through the cold nighttime air like a thick blanket of foreboding. 

It struck me as odd that even though it was only the end of August, it could be so cold this night...

We follow the low whispers to the very back of the yard, to the rusty chain link fence. 

"Aren't those chills running up your spine so exhilarating Puppet? It's like we're playing a macabre game of hide & seek..."

Shrugging off Ragdoll's euphoric excitement, I peer over the gate and into the world beyond.

Tall, yellowed grass had invaded the small stretch of field the lie before me. It was as though no one had ever thought to ever mow this place.

The condemned back alleys awaited me with open arms and curious whispers.

I glance at the gate. Locked as always. Too determined to turn back now in search of a key, I jump the fence. Hitching one foot onto the top bar and then catapulting the rest of me up and over.

I land a bit heavily. Albeit due to the fact that it was dark and I could have sworn the damn ground was further away.

Damn me for being too fuckin tall.

Quickly my attention was turned back to the now, as the whispers spiked in urgency. Whoever was repeating "Slender Man. Slender Man. Slender Man." Must of obviously caught on to me.

"Careful Puppet, don't want to fuck up do you?" Ragdoll taunts with a giggle.

I cast her a quick glare but catch movement behind her.

Someone was running towards us.

"Midnight jogger?" I think out loud.

But soon the whispers stopped repeating inside of my head and I could here whoever was catching up to us chanting it angrily.

It was then I noticed the shimmer of the knife.

"You should be running..." Ragdoll whispers rather worried then disappears.

My mind went blank except for one word. And I admit I was repeating it just as violently as the freak chasing me with the knife was chanting "Slender Man."

And as I turned tail and took off into the darkness of this abysmal valley I had walked in to it kept slipping out of my mouth with each panicked breath.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!"

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  1. Being so tall in the dark may have gotten you confused with someone else. I hope you can run fast or run well. Either will do.