Saturday, July 23, 2011


"When the nighttime jitters and the haunting critters seem to come out for a fright.

The shadows a quiver and the tall man a lingers and a new meaning comes to the night..."

A sea of darkness, endless, lost within itself. Only light seems to penetrate the thickening veil that threatens the paranoid and the weak.

"Shadows find a sick joy in housing the very nightmares you never want to meet in the daytime..."

Things that tend to go bump in the night are always welcome in the dark.

"Cause god never gave us the ability to fend of the devil's wicked vices..."

You see there is only one time, one chance, that our nightmares are given the power to give chase after us into the light.

"And that's when you give it the power, to chase you in the night..."

Because once you believe in the very beast that inspires your fears.

"Only then does the shadows of your mind give HIM corporeal form..."

And then you ask? What happens once the very demon you've feared for so long jumps off the forefront of your mind and into this reality? Haha well my love.

"You're fucked..."

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