Saturday, July 30, 2011


"Silence is golden..."

I swear to god that every second that passes when one holds their breath, waiting to hear something that most likely was just a backfiring car or fireworks, The anticipation will literally spike to infinite levels.

An explosion so jarring, like a car slamming into the side of a concrete slab. The collision shocking every nerve ending within your very body. Leaving you shaking, adrenaline pumping through your body at dramatic levels.

"A euphoria so intoxicating..."

I'm unsettled. Scared for lack of a better word. That the very machinations within my mind are working against me. That the hopes to find that dark, twisted inspiration so to fuel my writings...

I'm worried that I may have gone too far...

"A realization that maybe going passed the haven of safety and into the demented, nightmarish yonder. Perhaps you're finally realizing how real I have become..."

But what is truly terrifying me. Is the fact that my hopeful dreams and beliefs... are somehow manifesting into living, breathing terrors.

Because I am seeing things.

"Such horrible things..."

That can't be real. That shouldn't exist. That have somehow jumped from the threshold of ghost story. And into a corporeal body. 

How do I deal with the nightmares of my life.... When my own psyche is fighting against me?

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