Saturday, July 30, 2011


The haunting sounds of The Bunny The Bear were echoing in my ears.
The headphones on my head caressing my ears quite snugly.
Slightly nodding off, reading through yet another blog about yet another poor victim of a certain ‘Slender Man’.
Then without warning, my music transformed from croons and subtle guitars to an explosion of distortion and static. So loud and sudden that with a gasp I rip the headphones from my head.
And as I hold them within my hands, I could hear the distortion growing louder and louder…
Until a loud slam ignites from the closed door mere feet away.
My heart stops. My lungs refuse to let me breathe. Every hair on my neck and arms were standing on end.
But after a long moment I realized that my headphones were playing music again. The static gone.
I’ve since put them away. Too afraid to listen to music again.
I haven’t gotten up to check the door.

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