Sunday, July 24, 2011


"We all need a bit of humanity to help us feel alive,

Without it we tend to find the communication between one another to be lacking that.... 'human' touch.

Considering where this world is heading, It's becoming more of a struggle for the nightmares of the past to survive.

The little beasties and night terrors of yesteryear are naught but repetitive movie plots and campfire stories anymore.

Or even worse, stripped of what makes us fear them and thus made into travesties of hollywood romance.

Where have the things that go bump in the night gone? What happened to boogeyman that awaits under the bed? The scary man that lives in the closet?

Gone are they from our memories.

Replaced with the threats that our elected masters have pushed upon us.

The cookie cutter terrorists, blasted infidels, The goddamn flu.

Where has the unnatural gone? Those supernatural threats that haunt our nights and threaten our sanity?

Gone. Beaten back into the darkest recesses of oblivion by today's sciences.

Forever eclipsed behind the veil of lies that 'truth' brings on it's wings.

They say the future is bright. Bright enough to dispel the nightmares that darkness breeds?

I think not.

As long as 'humanity' exists. So will deceit, evil, imagination.

For as long as people exist, So does our belief in the monsters that plague our dreams.

And as long as we, as prey, exist. 

So does he..."

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