Sunday, July 24, 2011


"I saw a man in black today, he was so tall and slim..."
If you were believe in something. Does that make it true?
"He stood so still, just out of sight..."
When you believe in say, an urban legend? a common superstition? Even a statement from an elected official?
"I could feel his gaze though he had no eyes..."
Does believing make it more fact than fiction?
"I felt something inside me skip a beat..."
Someone says something about a particular topic they truly believe in. Something they must tell others, hoping to ‘enlighten’ us to what they think. To make us believe.
"I swear it might have been that 'heart' thing everyone keeps talking about..."
People say we only ever use a small portion of our brains. That our minds are so complex, so powerful, that should we take something. And BELIEVE in it to the point of obsession. Our mind will make it a reality. No matter how unrealistic it could possibly be.
"He had me locked in place. Like a deadbolt to my nerves..."
It will pervert everyday life, our beliefs, twist and contort the very reality we exist in. To the point that anything is true.
"I knew I was going to die..."
And from our collective beliefs. HE is born.
"And I became ecstatic..."

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