Friday, July 22, 2011

Introductions and Remembrance.

I am an aspiring poet. And with that being said I am not the everyday aspiring poet.
I revel in horror.
"I revel in madness."
From the memories of personal loss and tormentful nightmares of years long past. I found that instead of bottling up the terror and blocking out what it is that haunts me. I recreate it into a slew of words and rythmns. Using the inspirations of Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton, and Jhonen Vasquez to help me develop a haunting style that dwells upon the topics of death, suicide, and blood.
And yet to further my own unique style. I exact each debauchery of artistic nature in the name of eight different ‘minds’.
A facade. Of a madman. Each ‘mind’ is a certain emotion that I control. Happiness, anger, despair, cockiness… I hope that within the course of this blog that I can show you the many faces that adorn me. And the emotions and madness they continually inspire upon my writings and personal life.
Be this part blog, part personal diary, and part testimony of my perpetual insanity.
I hope to push passed the boundaries of hopeful psychotics, and into the realm of absolute chaos.
And with it drop the facade and become what I’ve always dreamed of being.

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