Monday, July 25, 2011

Off Topic.

"Does he have a warm touch?"

I beg to be heard over this thick blanket of silence.

"When even a whisper is louder than a scream..."

I read the constant chatter that grows and grows over the course of seconds. So many lies, so few truths, and the unlimited supply of gullible minds that flock to the most literately gifted.

"Like blessed sheep to the slaughter..."

What about the few that actually have seen that haunting entity out of the very corner of their eye? That brief second when you see that dark suited nightmare's faceless smile as he watches you. Striking that first pinprick of fear into your heart. What happens to them?

"A cookie cutter existence of running and dying..."

A fear of the dark? A fear of the light? Or a fear of just being alone? A fear of looking over your shoulder? A fear of moving shadows? 

"Is there a legitimate term for fearing the slenderman?"

Like Slenderphobia or something?

"Yes exactly like that..."

Hmm... seems like a legitimate fear seeing as how popular the urban legend is.

"The closest I can get is gigaphobia, or fear of tall people..."

Well aren't you the informed one.

"Just another one of our many traits..."

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