Sunday, July 31, 2011


Warm breath slowly fogs up the cold, chilling glass window, silent whispers echoing out from between my cracking lips...

"Where has the light gone? Devoured by dark. I can't see. I need to see. I am blind..."

Stolen away from my eyes. The lamp posts on the old decrepit street outside my dark and lonely house had all but gone quiet. The gentle hum of the brightly lit lightbulbs no longer casting it's revealing glow across the paved and cracked streets below.

"I see nothing. Naught but shadow. The darkness is wrapping it's vicious tendrils around my ankles and wrists. Dragging me into the terrible abyss of oblivion..."

My eyes slowly widen as the pupils slowly get used to the lack of light. Everything was cast in different shades of black. I was staring at the fogged up window, taking a single finger and carefully drawing a single circle,

"Something moves outside..."

And I strike an X through it. Then I catch a glimpse of someone standing outside my window. My eyes widen even more. My breath refuses to escape my lungs. I thrust my hand out into the darkness, reaching for the switch that to the lamp on the sidetable beside me.

"I see. I see. I see. Slender Man."

I flip the switch and light explodes from the behind the lampshade, lighting up my face, and sending a wave of white straight out the window. Lighting up the faceless head staring back at me bare inches from the window.

"Slender. Man. Slender. Man. Slender. Man."

Only slight indentations gave any character to the fleshy sack of a face I see outside the window. I hear a sound escape my throat. Not mine. Something primal. Is this the sound of madness?

"I blink my eyes and thus he's gone, I'm falling back away from the glass pane that separated us from each."

My eyes are wide. The hairs upon my arms and neck standing on end. I couldn't see him. But I could feel him near. Terrified. I jump to my feet, escape the only thought on the forefront of my mind. I feel my feet below me thrust me forward with each step, my eyes set on the front door.

"But he was there..."

Slightly bent over so His head wouldn't bump the ceiling. The tall, slender, thing was bare feet from me. I was frozen in fear. I then see his multiple arms reach out to grab me.

"And then you woke up..."

As the door to my room slowly closed......

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